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It's most likely breakthrough bleeding, which your doctor SHOULD have told you about. It's normal to happen, but if it turns into a big problem and happens all the time, then you should ask your doctor what's going on.

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Can you drink alcohol whilst taking Clarithromycin?

can you drink alcohol whilst taking 250mg of clarithromycin

Can you take amoxicillin while taking pradaxa?

can I take amoxicillin whilst taking pradaxa

Can you drive while taking diclofenac?

You should be fine to drive whilst taking diclofenac.

Can you take amoxicillin while you are taking fluoxetine?

I can't find anything to suggest taking Amoxicillin whilst taking Fluoxetine will cause any adverse reactions. It's just an antibiotic,... Although you should remember not to drink alcohol whilst taking anti-depressants OR antibiotics!

Can you have vaginal bleeding with urinary tract infection whilst pregnant?

Yes you can, my cycle was on the same time I had a UTI!

Can lymecycline stop you becoming pregnant?

I conceived whilst taking it, so NO. :-)

Why do you bleed when excreting?

Sometimes when wiping too hard Bleeding is caused Wet wipes help, they are much softer and not rough . If you are bleeding whilst excreting maybe consult your doctor.

Can low dose Valium be taken at night if taking suboxone during the day?

I took Valium whilst taking subutex, to help with sleep and anxiety while withdrawling. Worked wonders. Be careful not to end up with another addiction though.

Can you take Tramadol whilst taking warfarin?

can i take tramadol while on warferin

Can you eat beetroot whilst taking warfarin?

Since beetroot only contains a small amount of vitamin K, you can eat it whilst taking warfarin. However, you should not eat beet greens as these are high in vitamin K.

What happened to slaves who refused to eat?

They became weak and maybe eventually died whilst either on the voyage or whilst taking the orders from their white leaders :(

Would swimming pool water cause vaginal bleeding the day after swimming?

Not that i know of.. Its impossible to bleed whilst swimming anyway but i dont know whether when you get out it just starts bleeding. Its beyond me.

Is it normal to bleed whilst 4weeks pregnant?

if it is just spotting, then yes. you're most likely just bleeding from implantation.

Can you use heroin whilst taking suboxone?

Are you dead yet? Please let me know...

Can you drink beer while taking amoxicillin?

You should not drink any alcohol whilst taking antibiotics. It actually stops them working properly.

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