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Did you get the exact same style rims? If the rims are different, they may require different lug nuts. Please follow up on this, I am very curious!

Marc- You sound like you know your vehicle. A couple thoughts come to mind. First I would check that the lug nuts do hold the rim tight-mostly because it is quck as easy,. Second I would check to see if there is a bad tire. Yuo'll need to get it on a balancer to do this, or by jacking the truck up so the wheels are off the ground, and running the truck while in the air. You narrowed down the problem to the rims or tires by changing them once. You need to find the up and down movement in the problem wheel. I am surprized the selling company hasn't worked with you to do this! If you told them that when you change the wheels back and the wobble goes away, don't htey take a little responsibility?

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Q: Why would new tires and rims wobble?
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need a little more info........

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