Why would one want shaved pubic hair?


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Some people prefer to have shaved pubic hair, its all down to ones personal preference. Although some say its cleaner really its just as clean as having pubic hair.

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I am a male, and I have been shaving my pubic hair, as well as all of my body hair from the neck down, for many years. Many different doctors have seen me, and none of them have ever said anything about my shaved body. Both male and female doctors have seen me completely naked, and completely shaved. No problem. If you want to be shaved, do it! The doctors aren't concerned about that.

It doesn't matter! if you feel comfortable with pubic hair go on ahead. and if a guy asks to to shave it it just matters if u want to be shaved or not. =) do what makes you comfortable! i just trim my pubic hair and well it just doesn't matter. its bout how you feel bout it.

why would you want to do that

Yes, anyone can cut their pubic hair if they want to. Many women will trim their pubic hair to keep it neat.

It depends if your talking about the girl or the boy. For girls,some boys find it nicer and easier without the hair,and for boys,it depends if they really want to shave or not. I hope this was helpful

Justin Bieber shaved his hair when he was younger because his friend had cancer and he didn't want him to be alone but he hasn't shaved it recently.. still got his helmet hair :)

It varies but remember high and tight this isn't the 70's anymore. girls like it either shaved or trimmed.

Let's see... would it be right to pull one by one the pubic hair of a guy?? No? I wonder why. Oh right... It would HURT... So why would you think a girl would want to be tortured like that? All I can say is... have her pluck your pubic hairs first!

It depends on what they want. If i were you, I would shave but leave a little strip of hair in the middle. Shaved makes guys more attracted.Don't shave it all off, it's there for a reason. It's so the area don get too warm and more inviting for infections.It should be up to the women what she feels comfortable with. As a 63-year-old man, I really get turned onto women with pubic hair. I really like playing with it, licking it, and putting my face right in it. I even like to penetrate her with a lot of pubic hair.

if you are blonde it is not such a big deal to have some but it is much more prominent and grimy looking if you are a darker haired individual... shaved is sexier

You actually start itching because of the hair growing back. It you keep shaving down there, then you won't have itching. If you want to grow it back after you shaved, then I would try some lotions and such till the itching goes away.

If you don't want to shave but want to trim pubic hair, use a pair of scissors. You can use lotion in your pubic area to get rid of any itching that may occur.

Bad? It's a matter of opinion. Mine is that people can do whatever they want with their own hair. And pubic hair in particular is about as personal as it gets.

Her hair was shaved, because the Nazis did not want to deal with lice spreading through the camps and they wanted to treat the Jews like dirt evidently.

Pubic hair is there to keep the area cool since there are sweat glands there. Trimming is fine and you can remove some but removing all like some do can lead to more infections. So there's no "should" really, it's all up to you / Mollienr1 We are not in the stone age any more. Most of us hopefully do not resemble the monkeys we evolved from. Pubic hair for both genders should definitely be shaved. At the very least it should be groomed and cut short. "Trim" is called trim for a reason. I know, to each his own. People cut the hair on their head, do their make up, trim their beard, and brush their teeth. Why? To look good. If you walked down the street in a grubby, ripped shirt with your hair all a mess, people would say "what a slob." Why would you want to show an unkept thatch to someone you want to have sex with. So if you want any action down there, take care of things, down there. I am a 33 year old very muscular guy (not musclebound I shave my body because it defines the muscle. I have shaved my balls since I was 14 and keep my pubic hair trimmed very close. If you are a guy reading this and think it is gross, shave your body and see.

Nothing, some pubic hair is normal & women don't want it in the other places anyway.

No, there's no reason for anyone to shave their pubic hair.Pubic hair is there for a reason, as well as s sign of sexual maturity and trapping pheromones to attract a partner, it helps to protect your vulva from damage and dirt. Shaving pubic hair risks irritation, cuts, ingrown hairs, infected ingrown hairs, and cysts, also when you are older and start having sex your risk of STD would be slightly higher due to increased skin-to-skin contact during sex.Shaving pubic hair is a personal choice - the idea that guys prefer pubic hair to be shaved is nonsense, it's also not a reason to change your grooming habits anyway - if you feel more comfortable without pubic hair then shave, but otherwise it's best avoided.

It's perfectly normal. Most women prefer it only trimmed, and some find it weird completely shaved. But I know I want my husband to shave it, especially since I do the same. :)

It means you want to be a pubic-hair stylist. well your horneyy

Does he also not have pubic hair? What do you have to say about this? Have you considered this? Maybe his preferences - retaining in full or trimming or totally shaving of pubic hair- are different from yours. What you have is yours and what you want to do with it is solely your concern. If he is going to judge or love you by the extent or state of your pubic hair, then it is time you tell him firmly that his concern is misplaced.

It depends on two things. 1)If the pubic hair has to be a spesific length for the wax to work. 2)How long your pubic hair is. If your pubic hair is 1/2 inch long and the product says that the hair should be 1/4 inch, yes, you should trim it. If your pubic hair is 1/4 inch and the product says it should be 1/4 then, no, leave it. If your pubic hair is 1/4 inch and the product says it should be 1/2 inch, you may want to try a different method.

Some do and some dont...FYI..if you want your guy to spend more time "down there", better remove your pubic hair

I'm assuming that you're asking "to shave or not to shave" in which case the answer is: Sure, if you want. The presence and abundance of pubic hair are up to your personal taste.

no you could straight them even they are curly but i want them curly.

Unfortunately there is no PERMANENT way to get rid of pubic hair(believe me ive tried). You can cut them with scissors or razors;you can shave them off;if its a small case you can even pluck them off----All of these suggestions require patience and SAFETY. Good luck!!!!!!! I appreciate the above answer but at the same time I would also like to inform u ppl that shaving all of the pubic hair is not always advisable. The hair act as buffer between your skin and your clothes providind air flow and thereby maintaing hygynie. If you desparetly want to shave them off, then take care that you were only loose cotton undergarments most of the time. Women are more prone to yeast infections after shaving their pubic hair if not taken care of. Also, I would like to add that if you do shave your pubic hair (which, like it says above, it is there for a reason, although many people don't like it) it may cause irritation is the shaved area.

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