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Pahoehoe and a'a are textural variaties of basaltic lava, which has a low viscosity, meaning it flows fairly easily. This is the reason for the gentle slopes of shield volcanoes.

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Do all volcanoes erupt the same way?

No, not all volcanoes would erupt the same way. Some volcanoes erupt by explosion while others barely trickle lava down the volcano.

Do volcanoes erupt after a hurricane?

No. At least hurricanes do not cause volcanoes to erupt. The two are unrelated. A volcano could erupt after a hurricane strikes, but the timing would simply be a coincidence.

Where would you find would a shield volcano?

The islands of Hawaii have shield volcanoes.

Where does shield volcanoes form?

Shield volcanoes would form where the lava is very hot, has little gas, and little silica.

What countries can shield volcanoes be found in?

I know that Hawaii is made up of shield volcanoes, so the answer to your question would be U.S.A.

Are shield volcanoes quiet or voilent?

Shield volcanoes are always quiet because of the way they are made. If it was made from a quiet eruption it would have quiet eruptions.

What are Examples of shield volcanoes?

Mount Kilauea, in Hawaii. It has been erupting since 1982, and it is a shield volcano.The classic examples of shield volcanoes are the massive volcanoes on the Hawaiian Islands. Specifically Kilauea and Mauna Loa would be great examples of the classic form of a shield volcano.

Can volcanoes erupt under water?

Yes. If this did not happen we would not have volcanic islands.

What is the least dangerous type of volcano?

The least dangerous volcanoes would likely be shield volcanoes. Shield volcanoes usually ooze out lava that slowly flows downhill. Explosive eruptions are rare.

What is a volcano that is unlikely to erupt?

Volcanoes can be either active, dormant, or extinct. Dormant would be the closest match to the description "unlikely to erupt".

What causes a shield volcano to erupt?

I think there would be a crack in the earths crust so the magma can come out.

A dormant volcano is erupting or may erupt in the near future-?

Is it false that a dormant volcano is erupting or may erupt in the near future. The correct answer would be decade volcanoes.

Can volcanoes erupt in the ocean?

Yes, volcanoes can erupt in the ocean. If this were not true the Hawaiian islands as well as many other vacation island chains would simply not exist. It is also estimated by National Geographic in "Volcanoes: Natures Inferno" that the oceans conceal some 80% of volcanic activity worldwide.

What volcano forms along subduction zones?

I think it would be shield volcanoes because it was it!

Inventions on how to stop volcanoes?

If you stop a volcano erupting, the pressure would build up elsewhere and erupt elsewhere.

Can volcanoes erupt the same time?

yes but if it did erupted at the same time the whole world would be gone for good

Can radioactive waste be dumped into volcanoes?

This sounds a very bad idea, volcanoes erupt sometimes and would spew it out again. Even volcanoes that have not erupted for many years may do within the lifetime of the nuclear activity of the waste

Why does nobody want to climb the largest volcano in the world?

Volcanoes are not safe to climb, because they could erupt and you would die.

Do volcanoes erupt 5 times a year?

On average there are about 50 volcanic eruptions recorded each year, but they are from different volcanoes. It is doubtful that any volcano would erupt 5 times every year. Volcanoes can enter into different phases of activity and no two volcanoes are alike. One volcano may erupt every few years while another may go thousands of years without erupting. A volcano may erupt many times in a relatively short time as part of a phase of activity or, in the case of kilauea, sustained a single continuous eruption for a long time.

Did AA lava form composite volcanoes?

No, generally not. Most composite volcanoes erupt more viscous, high-silica material than what would form a'a. So block lava would be more common.

What type of plate boundary are shield volcanoes on?

Shield volcanoes can be found in any setting where magma can reach the surface, but most are found on oceanic plates. They are usually situated on hot spots, such as Kilauea, Mauna Loa, and Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Since hot spots are not associate with plate boundaries, plate boundaries would not be important when determing locations of shield volcanoes.

How did ancient Romans explain the presence of volcanoes?

A huge creature underground would get mad and get hot to make the lava melt and erupt.

What are the similarities between a composite volcano and a shield volcano?

There are not much similarities between the composite and shield volcano. However, one general similarity would be that they are both volcanoes.

What would happen if no more volcanoes erupted?

Not much; this would mean no more landforms would be built on the ocean. Ex: Islands. There would be less damage if there were some to erupt on land.

Are volcanoes dangerous to people?

Yes and no. If the volcano is not active, meaning it wont erupt anytime soon, then no. Its basically just a harmless mountain. If the volcano is active and can erupt any second, I would probably stay away from them.

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