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I would go to England for an holiday becuse it a very nice place to go to

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Q: Why would people go on holiday to England?
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Where is the best place in England to go on holiday?

A lot of people would say Cornwall.

Where do people in England go for holiday?

The commonest destination is Spain.

Why do schools teach french in England?

Because the UK is part of the EU, and France is a neighbouring country, where many people from England go on holiday or for business.

Which sentence is it correct I would be on holiday to London Or I would go on holiday to London?

One could say "I would be on holiday to London" or "I would go on holiday to London" depending on what they are trying to express. The first one implies an explanation, for instance "Were I to go on the vacation, I would be on holiday to London" and the second implies where one would go, if one were to go on vacation.

Why do people go to holiday in Egypt?

they go there to sunbathe.

Do people go to the Caribbean on holiday?


How much would it cost to go on a holiday in Rhodes?

The cost of a holiday in Rhodes depends on a couple factors such as your transportation, accommodations, food, entertainment and how many people are going. If you were trying to go by yourself and were trying to be cheap you could budget $2000 for a holiday to Rhodes.

Where do Spanish people go on holiday?

alot of Spanish people go to the canary islands

How fast does the wildebeest go at holiday world?

Im asking you people how fast does the freaking wildebeest go at holiday world

What is the holiday that people take when they marry?

They go on their honeymoon.

Why do you go on holiday?

people go on holiday because they want to get away from the world you live in and relax away from work and stresses at home!!!(:

Why would you want to go on holiday to Kenya?

You would choose to vacation in Kenya because Kenya is beautiful, has exotic animals, and scenery, and great people.