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Because they get joy out of seeing the faces of there clients when the wedding of there dream comes true.

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Q: Why would someone choose to plan weddings?
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What do wedding planners have to do?

Plan weddings.

What does a wedding planner do on a regular day?

plan weddings

Can you plan weddings for other people online if you are only eleven?


How many weddings can a wedding planner plan in one month?

This will depend on the expertise and the experience of the wedding planner. They can have at least 8-10 weddings in a month depends also on how big these weddings are.

How many weddings do wedding planners plan in a year?

Many good wedding planners can have 8-20 weddings each year. The total number of weddings that a planner organizes each year will vary

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The average time to RSVP would usually be about a month out from the wedding. This way the couple has a chance to plan for how many people there will be at the wedding.

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they plan weddings and do stuff like go to the bakery and the florist and stuff like that.

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