Why would someone say ow?


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Someone would say "ow" becasue they got hurt.


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ow would say LLAMAS IN FRENCH

It's a reaction to your mind, I'd you get Hurt your basically trained to say ow or ouch.

CORRECTED: 'Auhea au? [ow-hay-ah ow]

(ji-ow sh-rr ha-ow)

r-ow-ken ---^ like you hurt yourself so you say ow

"En ow" is the archaic term for "Enough". In a sentence you might say: "Deanie Etcetera can't get en ow of Mitch Longley." (can't get enough)

It would be more correct to say, someone who.

You should say: "ngo yuk" Where "ngo" means "cow" (say it like the ow in "cow" but from the back of your throat for the ng sound, or if you are lazy just say "ow") and "yuk" means "meat".

"August" remains "August".But the pronunciation is different. "Ow - gust", the Ow as when a finger is hit by a hammer !

Aloha: lumi 'au'au or just lua [loo-mee ow ow] or [loo-ah]

Adios if your talking to a close friend or family member and chau (ch - ow) if your talking to someone you just met or don't know.

ok the pronunciation for it is MAFROW and you gotta role that R cause then it doesn't sound dutch. and say the ow ending like ow not O ok?

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Tow; but the "ow" is not pronounced as in the way a truck would tow something, but "ow, that hurt!"

One syllable. If it was two, it would be something like this: gr/ow. Say it to yourself. Then just say: grow. See the difference?

jah-SOWN ow as in own.

Aloha: Say: Kāua ho'o pilialoha mau loa [kay-oo-ah ho oh pee-lee-aloha m-ow lo-ah]. (the ow is pronounced like you hurt yourself - ow!)

I wouldn't say anything to them, but I would know that they are not my friend.

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Aloha: Say Kūʻaoʻao o ka wahine (koo~ow ow oh kah vwa-hee-nay). It's easy if you say the first 3 sounds, pause, then say the rest.

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