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You eat the tomato seed :P

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Q: Why would such low water vapour on mars change the condition of the tomato seed?
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What did the water vapour change into?


What is the change of water to vapour and back to water?


Why is condensation of water vapor is a chemical change?

It's not !... It's a physical change. Chemically - whether water is frozen into ice, is liquid as water or a vapour (steam) - it's still the same substance.

Is cooling water vapour a chemical change?

yes it is

Is water changing to water vapour a reversible or irreversible change?

It is reversible . Water vapour can condense and become liquid. Evaporation and condensation are phases in the water cycle

What is the name of the progress that causes liquid water to change into water vapour?


Is the changing of water vapour to water called evaporation?

No, this change is called condensation.

What is the change in the physical state of both lavender oil vapour and water vapour as they cool?

they turn from gas to liquid

Is evaporation a chemical change?

No, evaporation is a change from liquid to gas (water vapour).

Is rain evaporation physical or chemical?

Physical change from liquid to vapour. The water remains chemically the same whether liquid or vapour.

Why are clouds not evaporated if they are water vapour?

Clouds are made up of water droplets of varying size, or ice crystals, not water vapour. Water vapour is the evaporite of clouds, and clouds often dissipate, so the water droplets making up the cloud change from visible water droplets to invisible water vapour. The "vapour trails" from aircraft engine exhausts are actually areas of cloud formation as water from burnt fuel condenses in cold air aloft.

How do you change a gas into a liquid give example?

To change from a gas into a liquid you must cool the substance. For example: water vapour to water.