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Why would the electricity shut off when you plug a light bulb in a certain outlet?

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The problem sounds like it could be a simple as a loose wire at the outlet, sometimes the outlets are wired using the stab in terminals in the back of the outlet instead of the binding screw,any movement causes the circuit to open. However if you are tripping the circuit breaker when you plug in your device a short is the reason.

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What would cause the wall to be warm around an outlet?

then that would mean that you are over powering the outlet so it might explode soon and you might not any more electricity in the house

How can electricity be harmful?

Electricity can be harmful in a couple of ways. If you are to mess with an outlet, it is possible that it could shock you, which would hurt, and leaving the electricity on all the time is also harmful to the environment.

What are other light sources?

Another light source would be the sun and electricity,light is a form of energy!

What are good quotes on saving electricity?

"And God said, 'Let there be light' and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. "SAVING electricity IS SAVING MONEY

How would I hook up a battery operated device to electricity for school project?

Plug it into a school/ classroom wall outlet.

What would happen if there is no heat light and electricity?

Then our world would be very, very different from what it is.

What would happen if electricity wasn't invented?

we would proboly still have candles for light and we would be healthier

Would a cork light up a light bulb?

Light bulbs require electricity. A cork has no means of generating or storing this, so the answer is no.

Why would my 3 prong outlet for the electric range stop supplying 220v and only has 110v now?

It's either a faulty breaker, a poor connection, or a bad outlet. Make certain that you still have 220 at the breaker panel. Then test the output of the breaker in question. Finally, if all of the above test out Okay, verify the voltage at the outlet with the outlet pulled out of the box. If you haven't done these things before, contact a qualified electrician to do this for you. Understand that electricity can be dangerous and there is a very real possibility of electrocution.

What is natural electricity?

all electricity is natural, due to the fact that electricity is a force of nature. you may be referring to "voltage" which is the difference of charge we sometimes create in order to get work out of electricity, a "synthetic" example would be the 110V at an outlet i suppose, while a natural example would be lightning, or the shock you get from touching a door knob after dragging your feet on carpet.

In the old days Before electricity how did people make light?

Before electricity, I believe people would have used candles to light their houses. If they were traveling in the dark, lanterns were probably used.

What is the speed of electricity or lightning compared to the speed of sound and light?

The speed of lightning is somewhere between that of light and sound which is why most scientists would agree that the speed of light and the speed of sound make a good comparison to that of lightning and electricity.

Is tungsten a good conductor of electricity?

Tungsten is a good conductor of electricity. If it was a poor conductor and highly resistive then electricity would never pass through it as a filament inside a light bulb, therefore, it would never glow.

Did fridges have a pilot light in the 1960's?

Fridges which would have a pilot light would have been absorption-cycle or ammonia-cycle units, usually made for areas where there was no electricity. It would be likely they would have a pilot light.

How do you add an outlet to a porch light?

First you would have to know if the porch light is properly grounded or protected with a GFCI, or both. You cannot have outdoor outlets that are not GFCI protected.

How do you misuse electricity?

A misuse of electricity would be the act of leaving a light on when no one is in the room. Another misuse of electricity might be the act of leaving machines plugged in and running that are not currently in use.

How did people get light before electricity?

People got light before electricity by burning things especially wood, oil, and wax. They would use candles, gas lamps, and torches to name a few.

Why do you need light switches inside the fridges?

It would waste electricity if the light were on all the time. It only needs to be on when the door is open.

Why would their be Power on the neutral side of a light fixture?

There would be power there because the "neutral" is the path electricity mostly used to return to its source. All electricity has to return to its source somehow.

How do you make a light bulb work without electricity?

you need some form of electricity to make an incandescent bulb work. The filament is heated by electricity passing through it. Without electricity, there is no heat to make the filament glow, and therefore no light. The only way would be to somehow heat the filament to the point it glows without using electricity.

What would life be like without a light bulb?

Without the light bulb life would be miserable because we would not only have no light but no energy also because Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and electricity so no light bulb, no Edison, meaning no electricity. enjoy Cameron6574 ;P What i just said was gobbledegoosh (gob-ol-dee-goosh). Thomas Edison invented the computer and electricity never existed. The light bulb - what even is a light bulb? A remote? A rat? A train? You can't even describe it and the bell just rang so the monkies. NumberWang!

Which is the fastest element in a computer system?

Electricity would be the fasted element in a computer along with Light.

How do you make a remote turn on a light?

you would have to buy a special product to do this. what you do is buy the product, put the little thing in the outlet, put the end of the lamp in the outlet in the little thing, and press a button on the remote. Viola!

Are you using electricity if the switch is on but the bulb is not screwed in enough to light up?

i would say that you would not be using any as there would be no current flow.

Why would an outlet suddenly only be giving 40V?

More information is required, is it just one outlet / building? If it is then the most likely explanation would be an incorrectly functioning meter /meter set to the wrong scale or function. If all outlets are only giving 40 volts contact your electricity company.