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You may want to check the thermal flasher.

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How is the shape of brain cells related to their function?

it is longer so the short signals of electricity can travel fast it is longer so the short signals of electricity can travel fast

If the turn signals are not working on a 1994 Dodge Spirit but you replaced the flasher and fuses what else could be wrong?

I just had the same problem and found that my rear turn light bulb went out and the turn signals no longer worked. Check any of the turning bulbs. You may have replaced the hazerd light flasher. There are two flashers, the turn signal one is near the hazerd one under the dash.

In leap year and century which is longer?

A century is made of 100 years. That is longer than one year, whether it is a normal year or a leap year.

When the domain repeat it is a function?

No, when the domain repeats it is no longer a function

Are the wavelengths of radio and television signals longer or shorter than waves detectable by the human eye?

They are much much longer.

Is a decade longer than a century?

No a decade is 10 years, a century 100.

Are the wavelengths of radio and television signals longer or shorter than wave detectable by the human eye?

Much much much longer.

Is the wavelengths of radio waves are much longer than the wavelength of microwaves?

"Microwaves" are radio waves.The wavelengths of the signals used to broadcast radio and TV to household and automotiveradio and TV products are longer than the wavelengths of the signals used for point-to-pointmicrowave communication.They're also longer than the electromagnetic energy used in the microwave oven to cook a turkeyin 13 seconds, and longer than the wavelength of the signals to the GPS receiver in your car.They're also longer than the wavelength used to operate your cellphone, and longer than thewavelength of the signals that bring 900 channels of satellite TV directly to the little dish on thecorner of your house.

What is longer than a century?

2 centurys

Is a millennium longer than a century?

yes it is 1000 years a century is 100 years.

What happens to the function of an enzyme if they become overheated?

They degrade and are no longer able to function as an enzyme.

Why does a denatured protein no longer function normally?

the function of each protein is a consequence of its specific shape, which is lost when a protein becomes denatured.The shape of a protein determines its specific function within a cell. Denaturing a protein will alter its shape, thus it will no longer function.

Can cells without nucleus function properly?

Yes, as long as the cell doesn't need to produce new proteins for an important biological function. Take a look at the scientific literature. I'm sure there are examples of cells that have been kept alive, but cleaved of their nuclear material. As long as the environment continues to send signals, the cell will function to the best of it's ability, possibly for weeks or longer.

What is the function of a appendix?

There is no longer a function for our appendix in modern society, it is left over from our prehistoric predecessors. Some times it can collect food and bacteria, causing its self to rupture, since it no longer can function at respelling its own contents

Is 10 decades longer than 1 century?

Ten decades and one century are both 100 years.

How did people communicate before electricity?

There were many ways of communication. Smoke signals, fire signals, courier pigeons, flag signals, and foot traversed letters. It was more complicated back then, but it was done that way for much longer than the ways we communicate now.

Rio de Janeiro no longer has this city function?

Rio de Janeiro is no longer the capital of Brazil.

Homologous structures that are reduced in size that they no longer function?


Which is a disorder in which alveoli in the lungs can no longer function properly?


Is a century longer than a millennium?

No, a century is shorter than a millennium. A century is 100 years and a millennium is 1,000 years.

Explain the role of modem in internet?

A modem stands for modulation demodulation. A modem basically converts analog signals to digital signals or vice versa. This convertion is required because the subscriber line through which you are getting your internet, carries analog signals. But, a computer understands only digital signals. So the convertion to digital signals is required. Also it has to be changed back to analog signals because analog signals can go longer distances through your subscriber line. abhishek jaiswal IEM MCA

How did magazines change in the late 19th century?

They no longer promoted morality.

How do prosthetic legs work?

your brain sends them electric signals to the leg and the leg transfers the signals through fiberoptic cables. however it may take your leg longer to respond than a normal leg.

What is the function for the arm?

Grasping and attacking. (attacking is no longer supposed to be used)

How long smokers live 20th Century?

Up to 100 or even longer.