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theres supposed to be a wire in the harness that gives the radio constant power so it remembers the stations. your constant/memory power is not working tihs wire is usually yellow... this provides a constant power to your stereo..where the red wire is your switch 12v power and gives the stereo power when you turn the key.... 2 wires need to be changed around as vauxhall made it hard to put in aftermarket stereos or so the guy at motor world told me in my case the 2 wires were the permenant memory (orange) plugged into the ingnition (red) and vise versa there are connection pins that allow you to do this

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โˆ™ 2008-11-07 10:54:07
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Q: Why would the front loader on a Corsa not store stations when the ignition is turned on so the channels need resetting each time?
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