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Q: Why would the hazard switch on a 2001 VW Golf still make a clicking sound after it has been replaced?
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How do you fix a constant turn singnal clicking sound in dash of 99 alero?

replace hazard switch

How do you stop that clicking sound from dashboard in a Oldsmobile alero?

You have to replace the hazard/turn signal switch located in the center of the dash. Oldsmobile issued a recall for this part in 2004. If it has not been replaced, the dealer will do it for free. If it has been replaced, and failed again (like mine has) you are on your own. Call a dealer to see if it has been replaced yet.

On a 2003 passat Clicking sound remains after turn signal cancels if you toy with hazard flasher switch you can get to stop is this switch bad and how do you replace?

This seems to be a cammon fault with VW/Audi cars. U will need to replace the hazard light switch mechanism which contains the switching contacts. I had to replace same in my last cars (VW/Audi)

95 wrangler clicking sound when starting?

the starter cellanoid needs replaced.

2000 Grand AM GT constant blinker sound removed hazard fuse still makes sound unless hazard switch is pressed and then the blinkers don't work How do you fix this?

switch is bad DON'T ALWAYS LISTEN TO MECHANICS, YOU CAN FIX IT YOURSELF. The contacts from your blinker switch are dirty. Here is a forum that tells you exactly how to clean it

What does buzzing sound mean when you turn on light switch?

A buzzing sound coming from a light switch means the switch is going bad and is shorting in the wall. Stop using the switch and replace immediately, this is a fire hazard.

What causes a clicking noise in the shifting lever?

That is the neutral safety switch making the click sound.

What causes a clicking noise from hazard light systemive a Renault clio rt and i have a clicking noise from the flasher unit it still makes a clicking noise when flasher unit is taken off?

it is not the hazard system, but comes from the speedo cable which is routed behind the dashboard thus making it sound like the flasher unit.

88 4 runner window go only up or down replaced motor guess is the switch bought a toggle switch and cant figure out the wiring get sound of clicking but no window movement any suggestions?

The clicking is the sound of the motor moving so the switch is working. Sounds like the teeth on the gears or the window lever are stripped or hopefully not meshed properly. Pull the motor again and look at the teeth on both sides really good for any signs of wear. Then with motor off and where you can see it. check the switch again.

Why do Saturn's have a clicking sound that is making the battery go died?

In my case I have a 1999 SL1 and the clicking sounds where the relays for the electric door locks. I removed them and I have not have the battery drained. I have not replaced them yet.

What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

What would cause all the windows on my 2002 Envoy to not go down I replaced the drivers side master power switch and they still don't go down The locks work but all the windows just make a click sound?

If the windows on your 2002 Envoy will not go down, and you have replaced the driver's side master power switch, you should make sure that the window hasn't come off track. This would prevent the windows from going down and it would make a clicking sound.

1994 LeBaron has a constant clicking sound coming from the vacuum purge device?

yes blend door motor needs to be replaced dealer job

Do you have a bad solenoid switch on 1994 Mercury Sable you get a scraping sound when trying to crank it?

No, usually a scraping sound indicates the starter is dragging and needs to be replaced.

What does it mean when you turn key and car doesnt start with no clicking sound?

Dead battery, loose or corroded battery connection, or defective ignition switch. Can also be a defective neutral safety switch.

What would cause all the windows on a 2002 Envoy to not go down replaced the drivers side master power switch and they still don't go down The locks work but the windows just make a click sound?

Check to make sure that the windows haven't popped off the track. This would cause the windows in your 2002 Envoy to become stuck and not go down. If you replaced the driver's side master power switch and the locks work but the windows just make a clicking sound, this could help.

How do you unlock the drivers door on 1998 Honda CRV when key and electric button wont work?

Not too much to go on with your question -however- assuming that you can open the door from the inside - this could be a problem with the electric solenoid switch that powers the locking mechanism. With the engine off operate the drivers door lock switch in both directions (lock & unlock) and listen for the clicking sound of the solenoid. No clicking sound - check the fuse or relay that control this circuit to make sure they are 'good. If the fuse/relay are good, then the solenoid itself may be bad and you will have to have it replaced.

Why is your turn signal making a clicking sound even after it is turned off?

Your flasher relay box may need to be replaced, but could also be an electrical short.

Where is a flasher fuse located on a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

it is located at the very left corner of the instrment panel, right of the hazard flasher and in front of the door chime. Also, if the Hazard Flasher is still working, you can engage it and find the area they are in by the sound. (Clicking)

Why is your George Foreman grill clicking?

The clicking sound from the George Foreman is from the selected temperature that was selected. It is a normal sound for the appliance.

What sound is chattering teeth?

If it is done by one person the sound is clicking, if it is done by multiple people it is an annoying sea of clicking.

What is the sound a camera makes?

The Sound That A Camera Makes Is A Clicking Or Snapping Sound

No sound at all turning ignition key?

It is a clicking sound

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the dolphin makes clicking sound.

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Some hummingbirds make a clicking sound.