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Someone knocked a wire loose.

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Q: Why would the lights stop working after a new CD player was installed?
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What would be the causes of brake lights not working on a mustang?

That the lights need fixing maybe?? That the lights need fixing maybe??

Why would the brake lights on a 1998 318ti work normally without the headlights but stay on constantly with the headlights?

if you recenly replaced bulbs u may have installed them backwards they should be running lights and brake lights if this is the case they maybe installed incorrectly

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What would be the cause of no tail lights and no cluster lights when the fuses and bulbs are working?

If the parking/tailight fuse is good - then it may be a bad headlight switch No tail lights but the bulbs are working? Please explain.

Why would a 1990 300e Mercedes Benz brake lights and reverse lights stop working?

burnt out lightbulb!

Can installing a radio affect the hazard lights and blinkers?

It shouldn't, if it is installed correctly. If I were you I would consult with a professional.

Why do the tail lights not come on 1998 ford ranger which fuse is it?

if turn signals are working , and brake lights not working, i would replace the stop light switch on the brake pedal

How do you troubleshoot why the reverse lights are not working on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

if all other lights are working, i would start with the reverse light switch.this is usually located on the side of the transmission

Why would the lights on the dashboard of a 1994 Pontiac Sunbird stop working?

The fuse probably blew that controls the dashboard lights.

What would cause the headlights tail lights interior lights to stop working on a 86 caprice?

probably the fuse is blown.

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What would make the stop lights quit working on a Lexus LS400?


Vauxhall astra stoplights not working?

If none of the brake lights are working i would suspect the brake switch at the brake pedal.

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Why would your dash lights stop working and all fuses are good?

Column Switch

What would make your daytime running lights stop working?

light sensitive sells

Why would the park lights come on when braking in a Mazda familiar 91?

Check the bulbs. You may have one installed incorrectly.

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What would cause brake lights not to work but all other tail lights are working on a 2005 Chevy Equinox?

Blown fuse, both lights are burnt out, There is a wiring or ground issue.

Why would an e 450 stop moving after parking?

Check your brake lights and see if they are working. Ford has it so if your brake lights are out you can not shift out of park.

Why would the blinkers and lights quit working on a 2005 harley road king?

blown fuse

What would be the explanation for one light not working in a strand of Christmas lights?

Bulb blown, perhaps?

Why would my headlights quit working but the parking lights brake lights and tail lights still work and high beams do when switch is pulled back on a 94 Grand Am?

Low beams are burned out.

Why would in-dash and tail lights go out?

I own a ford f150 and my tail lights are not working, but my brake work. What could wire or what could be causing that.

What would cause the dash lights and parking lights to stop working in a Chevy S10 Blazer?

Probably a blown fuse. What you need to find out is why the fuse blew.