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Why would the nearside window work going up but not going down on a 2001 Renault Scenic?

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βˆ™ 2008-11-20 23:30:56

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Check if it is blocked by anything

2008-11-20 23:30:56
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Q: Why would the nearside window work going up but not going down on a 2001 Renault Scenic?
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Why you still having oil going to water after had the head skimmed tested for cracks and gasket replaced at your 98 Renault scenic 1.6 16V?

Perhaps cracked block?

The speedo on your R Reg Renault scenic Megan 1.6e has started to work intermitantly is this a big job to get repaired?

I had the same problem - then it stopped working altogether. Turned out to be a severed wire. The wire was grey and could be found going into the middle connector underneath the under bonnet fusebox (nearside) - behind headlight. It looks like the cover to the fusebox wore through the wire - when I soldered back together the speedo worked fine - I had to take the battery tray off to do this.

Warning lights keep coming up now and again on Renault scenic automatic. diagnostics has shown its gearbox problem..what could it be and how expensive?

A gearbox problem on a Renault Scenic Automatic could mean something as simple as cleaning the transmission screen. There are many things that could be going on. If the warning lights come on after the vehicle is driven for a while, it could be that the transmission is overheating due to low fluid. A mechanic will have to look at it to determine the extent of the malfunction.

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I own a Renault scenic 19dci 2001 do they do a modified alternator pulley as my belt keep jumping and shredding?

One of your pulleys is out of alignment or the bearings are going out. Sometimes if the belt is way overtightened it will jump off from metal brackets bending. The fault is the centrifugal alternator pulley.Buy a new pulley or the easier way is to fit a new alternator,the pulley is very hard to change.

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Your back windows on your 05 Renault scenic have stopped working you have tried the fuse but that isn't the problem Its only the back ones the front work fine Any ideas?

check the buttons by taking the cover off of them and jumping a wire from one wire going into the bottom of the button to one of the other wires going into the bottom of the button. If it makes your windows move then replace the button. If it does not work, and you've tried jumping the wire across all terminals, then you probably need a window regulator/motor. We tried a new switch but that didnt work either. Im thinking its more than liekly the reg/motor then. Many Thanks I shall give that a try.

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