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We have a vinyl liner which has been stretched from water getting under it when we have extremely heavy rains. When the vacuum head glides over this area it sucks the stretched vinyl into the hole. I have to pull the vacuum head hard to get it to let go. Sometimes it affects the the filter pull if I don't get it to release quick enough on my end. I have to wait until the filter regains its suction ability before continuing.


AnswerIt depends what you mean when you say "the pump stops". If you mean it quits pumping but the motor continues to run, that's because the pump looses suction for some reason like a hole in the suction line. If the motor stops running, that's an electrical problem and maybe that the pump is shutting off on it's overload protector. If so check the amps and volts to the pump and make sure they are correct.

You should turn off the pump before you try to remove the vac head then restart the pump after you have relocated the vac head in another area of the pool. K

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Q: Why would the pump stop suddenly while vacuuming the pool?
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What do you set the sand filter on when vacuuming your above ground pool?

For the first cleaning in spring set it to "waste" while vacuuming. Subsequently you can leave it on "filter" when vacuuming.

While vacuuming pool particles blow out jets into pool?

You have one or more bad filter elements inside the filter. The filter needs to be serviced .

When vacuuming a pool manually what would cause loss of pump pressure?

When vacuuming a pool manually a loss of pressure can be caused by something getting stuck in the hose. A leaf or a large bug can get stuck in the hose and cause it to lose pressure.

Why is sand in pool right after vacuuming?

check your filter it might need to be replaced.

Why do you have low pressure while vacuuming the pool?

Presumably the water is being sent to the drain? That offers very low resistance to flow so the pressure will be very low too.

What setting is correct to use instead of using the filter setting while vacuuming the pool if there is no waste setting?

The "Rinse" will also take water out, but you should really have a waste setting. Call a local pool company or the maker of your filter system.

When you vacuum a pool what setting should the filter be on?

The setting of the sand filter should be on filter for a normal vacuum. However if you are getting rid of the results of using clarifier from the bottom of the pool you would be beter of vacuuming to waste.

Is the pool clean when kid vomits in it?

If a child or for that matter an adult vomits in the pool you should clear the pool clean out the material vomited into the pool by netting skimming and vacuuming. Shock the pool and leave overnight to be on the safe side.

If a pool has no skimmer where do you put the hose to pick up dirt?

They use to have an adapter that would go from the hose to the inlet side of the pool which in turn went to the pump, most above ground pool use flex hose from the skimmer basket of the pool to the pump, you may just have to put a tee fitting in from the inlet side of the pool and add another inlet just so that you can vacuum, and cap this when you are finished vacuuming, this would be on the outside of the pool this would be added anywhere from the pump back to the pool on the inlet side.

How do you remove dead algae from the bottom of your salt water pool?

with a hand vacuum you would be best of vacuuming it to waste in order to get rid of it Al rather then stopping it with the filter and then backwashing.

After vacuuming the pool do you take the hose and vacuum head out of the pool before or after turning off the pump?

Turn off the pump first. Then remove the hose and vacuum head.

How do you get DE powder out of the pool water?

Firstly you find out how the DE got into the pool - must be a broken filter pad. Fix that, then vacuum the pool. No point vacuuming before you fix the filter problem, or the DE will finsih up back in the pool.

How do you clean a pool that has not been used for 8 mos and is turned off but is filled with water?

If you can empty the pool (safely, without damaging the pool), clean it up while empty and refill, that's your best option. Otherwise start by hitting the heck out of the water with chlorine, then start vacuuming (to waste) and brushing walls until clean.

When vacuuming the pool why would the pressure be so heavy it sticks to the bottom of the pool and then loses pressure?

As you vacuum the bottom of a pool you pick up a lot of fine dust and other material it is not unusual for a filter to block up while you are vacuuming. cleaning the filter or a brief backwash will probably fix the problem RB The answer above did not address the question. The vac head needs to have the wheels adjusted if it is a wheeled vac head. If the vac head is a brush model then you need to reduce the suction some. To do that you need to open the 2nd skimmer some -if you have one. Otherwise, you have to somehow throttle down the suction when you vac pool. I had a similar problem with my vacuum in a vinyl pool. The head was too close to the liner due to the bristles being worn down. Replacing this with a vacuum head that has both casters and bristles made vacuuming much easier and more effective (no more wrestling with the vacuum).

How do you bypass the cartridge filter when vacuuming the pool?

you can remove your filter take the inlet side loose make sure you plug the hole or if you have plunger valves shut off the inlet side remove hose then when you vacuum the dirty water runs out the inlet hose on the ground. or you can attach some backwash hose to the inlet hose you took off and have the water flow further away from the pool. when finished replace inlet hose to pool open valve remove vacuum plate from skimmer make sure you have water running in the pool while vacuuming.replace cartridge make sure water level is up turn on pump. I personally do-not use a vacuum plate i remove my skimmer hose from inside pool and attach vacuum hose and vacuum that way. because then i dont run out of water while vacuuming. i only do this when i am vacuuming out algae. do-not do this if you have large pieces of trash because it will clog up filter hose .

Why is sand filter blowing algae back in pool while vacuuming?

The "spider gasket" inside the valve has been destroyed by the chlorine and the water is blowing through the valve instead of going through the sand. Take the cover off of the valve by removing the screws on top and examine the gasket beneath. If this is not the problem, then I would replace the sand in the sand filter. Pool Masters

Some sand in bottom of your pump from vacuuming pool above ground is this normal?

If you are getting sand coming into the pool and have a sand filter you may have to replace worn laterals in the sand filter.

How much does it cost to bring a swimming pool service in to open my pool in the spring?

I run a swimming pool opening service, and I typically charge about $500 to get everything to get it ready for summer. This includes uncovering, adding shock and chemicals, and vacuuming.

Rare disease where you die suddenly in a pool of fat?

Spontaneous combustion.

What setting do you turn a hayward sand filer series 200 too when vacuuming?

You have two options when vacuuming a pool. If it a normal weekly vacuume you will set your filter valve to the filter position. This will send the water through the filter and back to the pool. Once your done vacuuming, you then backwash and rinse the filter. A good ratio is 3 min to back wash and 30 seconds to rinse. If your pool is extremely dirty like at the begining of the year, You can sometimes set the filter to the waste position. This will bypass the filter and send the water down the backwash line. This lowers the water in the pool. If your pool is extremely dirty and you try to vacuum with it set to filter, the filter will not catch all the dirt and some will end up back in the pool in the form of dirty or cloudy water. As a pool profesional I always strived for clear water first. You can't clean what you can't see.

What is likely to happen if the size of the labor pool suddenly increases?

If the size of the labor pool increases, wages will go down.

What causes slit on the bottom of the pool only a day after vacuuming?

If you mean SILT, not slit, it could be from a few sources- windblown dust, crumbling concrete or tile grout from the pool, or dirt from a failing filter.

Why does the dirt you are vacuuming come back in the pool?

Possibly because it is set on circulate and not on filter or if you have a cartridge filter the cartridge is damaged. Worn laterals in the sand filter can also cause sand to blow back into the pool.

How do you vacuum your salt water pool?

You can vacuum a salt water pool the same way you would a non salt water pool. If you are vacuuming on the filter setting, your filter will help to clean the debris out of the pool. If you are dealing with a very dirty pool and use the waste setting, you will be wasting some of the water from the pool in the process. Depending on how much water you take out and need to refill, you will most likely need to add some salt back in to get your salt level back to normal operating levels.

When should you back wash pool?

Definately after each vacuuming, and i would say when first getting started in the summer if you leave your water in all winter backwash after the first 8 hours ur pump has been running.