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Why would the pump stop suddenly while vacuuming the pool?


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2015-07-14 15:07:17
2015-07-14 15:07:17

We have a vinyl liner which has been stretched from water getting under it when we have extremely heavy rains. When the vacuum head glides over this area it sucks the stretched vinyl into the hole. I have to pull the vacuum head hard to get it to let go. Sometimes it affects the the filter pull if I don't get it to release quick enough on my end. I have to wait until the filter regains its suction ability before continuing.


AnswerIt depends what you mean when you say "the pump stops". If you mean it quits pumping but the motor continues to run, that's because the pump looses suction for some reason like a hole in the suction line. If the motor stops running, that's an electrical problem and maybe that the pump is shutting off on it's overload protector. If so check the amps and volts to the pump and make sure they are correct.

You should turn off the pump before you try to remove the vac head then restart the pump after you have relocated the vac head in another area of the pool. K


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For the first cleaning in spring set it to "waste" while vacuuming. Subsequently you can leave it on "filter" when vacuuming.

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You have one or more bad filter elements inside the filter. The filter needs to be serviced .

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When vacuuming a pool manually a loss of pressure can be caused by something getting stuck in the hose. A leaf or a large bug can get stuck in the hose and cause it to lose pressure.

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check your filter it might need to be replaced.

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Presumably the water is being sent to the drain? That offers very low resistance to flow so the pressure will be very low too.

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