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The speedometer is just one component of many that makeup the instrument cluster. It's not surprizing that just one it's components failed. The speedometers in your year of Jimmy is electric it's triggered by the v.s.s. (vehicle speed sensor) it is located on the tailshaft of the transmission or transfercase if you have 4x4. This may be bad. If this is the case your check engine light should be coming on while your driving, also your cruise control shouldn't work. If your cruise is working and there is no check/service engine light on the vss is most likely good leaving you with either a wiring problem somewhere before the speedo or the speedo it's self. You didn't state whether you had the analog or digital cluster. If you have the digital cluster that's most likely the source of your headache. They are known to be tempermental and expensive to replace. Oh, and no the two clusters do not interchange without major rewiring.

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Q: Why would the speed indicator - only- on a 1993 Jimmy go out when all other indicators on the display are still working?
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