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If you have the 2.3 L I-4, then you probably have a bad Idle Air Controller (they are notorious for going bad). It will cost you about $100 from the dealership for the part alone. It is located on the back side of the intake manifold near the center of the vehicle. It is black and has an electrical connection on top. There are 2 bolts that require an 8mm wrench or socket to remove. There is a gasket between the idle air controller ond the intake manifold. (Make sure when putting the new one on you put it on the opposite direction as you took it off) . It will basically look upside down.You can change it yourself in about 5 minutes.

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Q: Why would the throttle rev up while in neutral on a Mercury Topaz?
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1994 Mercury Topaz stalls out while driving and will only restart after waiting awhile?

check your crank sensor

Mercury topaz 93 loses power sometimes while driving could it be battery cable ends?

Clean them and see.

What if your 1994 mercury topaz 2.3L 4-cylinder eng has high idle all the time how can you adjust It is manual and have replace idle air controller. PLEASE Help?

Do you have a idle adjustment screw at the end of the throttle cable? If so then just back it off a little while the engine is running.Just take off the cover where the throttle cable goes, and adjust the idle by turning the screw.

Does the '94 mercury topaz have a air bag?

I believe it was an option, so some models may have it while others don't. Hope that helps.

Mercury mystique and it will once in awhile stall while you are driving you can pop it into neutral and start it while you are still rolling what causes this?


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Why does your 1993 mercury topaz water temperature run so cool while driving but overheats if sitting still?

Check the electric fan to see if it is working.

Is it safe to drive if car engine is racing while in neutral?

No, determine what is wrong with the vehicle before driving it. If the throttle is sticking open, you may not be able to stop the vehicle safely.

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First of all, turn on the key, then ensure that the gear selected is neutral, then press the starter button, and give a small amount of throttle while doing this.

Causes of battery amp warning light on mercury topaz?

Most likely the alt. not charging. Check it with a volt meter on the battery while the engine is running. Should read 14 or so volts.

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While you are still rolling down shift to neutral.

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Why does a Mercury outboard lose power while accelerating?

This sounds like a classic case of a spun propeller hub. If when you throttle up, you can hear the engine rpm increase, but the boat speed drops off, then the propeller hub is suspect.

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Where is throttle pedal position switch b on your 2000 Saturn sl 2?

The throttle position sensor is on the throttle body. That's the part of the engine that controls the amount of air allowed into the engine. To find the throttle body, follow the air intake routing toward the engine. The throttle body is the part that sits on the intake manifold. To find the throttle position sensor, follow the throttle cable to the throttle body. If it helps, have someone press down and release the throttle pedal while you're looking for the throttle body/position sensor. The throttle cable causes a shaft to turn, that's the part that controls the air coming into the engine. The throttle position sensor is connected to that shaft.

Grand caravan stall while turning?

try cleaning the throttle body

Why does 1992 Nissan maxima surge while driving and die while driving?

Your throttle valve switch (position sensor) is bad and need to be replaced.....this is located on the side of the throttle chamber. You can get this from Advance Auto for $60 and is easy to replace...

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