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I assume you mean the water is hot when you flush it. If so the toilet has been plumbed into the hot water system when it should be plumbed into the cold. That happened to me once I thought the toilet was going through menopause, However as it turned out however the hot flushes turned out to be a hot water pipe being connected rather then a cold water pipe.

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I would think because the room temperature is warm, or possibly warmer than usual.

Yes, this does work rather well, however, you need to ensure that the water is very hot before adding oxyclean to the toilet. I generally pre-warm the toilet bowl slowly by adding several buckets of hot water to the bowl over about a 15 minute time period.

To remove toilet bowl cleaner stains from the tub, you will need hot water and a sturdy brush. Get the brush wet and use elbow grease to clean the stain.

Someone hooked up the hot water supply to the toilet instead of the cold water supply- or your water heater is back drawing hot water through to the toilet from a cold water inlet (supply)

Most waxes will soften if you put it into a bowl of hot water. If you put butter into the same bowl, it will also soften.

I'm no plumber, but I would imagine that (if the hot faucet is giving you cold water) that the hot and cold pipes leading into the bathroom have been somehow switched.

Usually not. If toilet has a mixing valve going to it so warm water fills toilet tank and toilet runs constantly, then enough warm water could leak out through toilet to possibly have an effect on water heater.

When you take a shower, you're mixing a combination of hot and cold water to make a comfortable temperature for the shower water. A toilet draws only off the cold water system. In older or poorly designed plumbing systems, when you flush the toilet, the cold water is pulled by toilet, so the water coming through the shower is only drawing from the hot water tank.

first you put hot water then put a bowl in the hot water in the bowl with nothing in it you put the slime in for 15 secends

If it is a new house, the plumbers hooked it up to the hot water supply--this actually happened to me once! Otherwise, it may be really hot outside and the water has been warmed before coming into the house.

Keep the Bowls on gas stove for some time.The bowls will loosen. Also putting them in hot water with hot water touching outer bowl works

Install a tempering valve in water line feeding toilet. Tempering valve will mix hot and cold water together so warm water fills toilet tank which will stop condensation.

yah but it's a waste of money

Hot water holding systems have been used as far back as the Romans. They particularly liked building hot water baths, of a communal nature. I would suspect that as soon as the copper and bronze age occurred, a shaped bowl was used to heat water.

If you have a pet that is drinking it ;o) Or if it is hot is it evapourating?

It is not more hot water flowing, it is less cold water flowing. Less cold water in the mix makes the resultant water hotter. Less cold water flows because half (guesstimate) of the available cold water is now diverted to fill the toilet.

If you put ice cubes in a bowl or whatever of hot water, the ice cube is sure to melt when put so says science.

There is one bowl of hot water and one bowl of cold water and one bowl of warm water. You place one hand in the hot and one hand in the cold for approx. 30 seconds and then place your hands in the warm water and that hand that was in the hot water will feel cold and the hand that was in the cold water will feel hot. This is because the nerves have gotten used to the temperature and therefore have to adjust again to return to normal. Thanks! That helps a lot! I knew I had done it before but I couldn't remember what it was!

Hand in a bowl of warm water trick

Somebody running cold water or flushing toilet in the house..

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