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There are freeze plugs locaked in the rear of theengine block, they get old, rust and leak, you have to pull the tranny to get to them

AnswerRadiator may be broken too
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2011-09-13 17:25:11
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Q: Why would water be leaking between the engine and the transmission?
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1999 Chevy Tahoe leaking water out or the back of the engine near the transmission?

could be freeze plug, or intake leaking

Why is water coming from between the motor and the transmission on a 1986 Nissan pickup truck?

I'm no expert but possibly the cylinderhead is leaking or cracked dropping water into the engine crankcase via the pistons.

Water leaking into oil is it a seal?

Water in oil is usually caused by a leaking headgasket. This is the gasket between the engine block and the head. It is an expensive repair.

Why is coolant leaking from the bottom of the engine beneath the radiator?

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

Can water in the transmission cause it to leak?

Yes water cause leaking

Leaking coolant from water outlet?

Your engine may have a leaking hose connection or a leaking gasket at the water outlet. It could also be a leaking hose.

Would your engine overheat because of transmission?

No an overheating engine will be due to leaking coolant, a faulty radiator, a faulty water pump, lack of oil or oil that needs to be changed

Why Antifreeze is leaking from the bottom of the engine?

Usually a leaking hose into or out of the water pump (depending on its location), or the water pump gasket.

Why does water or coolant leak from between the motor and transmission on a 1995 3.8 wind-star engine?

coolant leak between motor and transmission indicates you have a leaky freeze plug in the rear of the engine block

Why is my 7.3 liter diesel leaking from metal tube under engine?

what fluid is leaking from the it coolant water or deisel?

Why is antifreeze leaking from underside of engine area on a 2002 Chevy Express van?

Possible leaking hoses or water pump

Your engine has water in oil?

Water in the oil is a telltale sign of leaking cylinder head gasket.

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