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Why would water be leaking between the engine and the transmission?


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There are freeze plugs locaked in the rear of theengine block, they get old, rust and leak, you have to pull the tranny to get to them

AnswerRadiator may be broken too

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I'm no expert but possibly the cylinderhead is leaking or cracked dropping water into the engine crankcase via the pistons.

Water in oil is usually caused by a leaking headgasket. This is the gasket between the engine block and the head. It is an expensive repair.

is coolant leaking from engine?or is it leaking from water pump and running down engine and appears to leak from engine

Your engine may have a leaking hose connection or a leaking gasket at the water outlet. It could also be a leaking hose.

No an overheating engine will be due to leaking coolant, a faulty radiator, a faulty water pump, lack of oil or oil that needs to be changed

Usually a leaking hose into or out of the water pump (depending on its location), or the water pump gasket.

coolant leak between motor and transmission indicates you have a leaky freeze plug in the rear of the engine block

what fluid is leaking from the it coolant water or deisel?

Water in the oil is a telltale sign of leaking cylinder head gasket.

There is 2 freeze plugs between the rear of the engine and the transmission. The freeze plugs are in the back of the engine block. Do not bother the big plug that is in the center of the block, That is the cam plug NOT A FREEZE PLUG. YOu will either have to pull the transmission are the engine to replace those 2 plugs.

Most of the time it is because the water pump is going out and it is leaking where the pulley is on the engine.

If that water is engine coolant, the heater core is leaking.

the hole it is leaking from is their as a warning your water pump is going out . if you don't change it soon it will be a big leak

No. You may be leaking engine coolant from the heater core or leaking refrigerant oil from the AC evaporator.

Intake gasket leaking on the inside of engine.

Sounds like water pump needs replacing The main pulley is near the top of the engine. The water pump is toward the front of the engine. It is possible that water appears to be leaking from this pulley, but there is a manifold gasket right above it. Double check to find exactly where the water is exiting the engine block. My first hunch is a leaking gasket.

If your coolant level is dropping, then it could be a blown freeze-out plug. These plugs (metal disks pressed into holes in the block and heads) are found all over the motor. Unless you have the very rare occurrence of one corroding out, you should have the engine checked for internal damage.

The seal between the impeller shaft and the housingwears out.

Driving through a large amount of water might trap some of the water in the bell housing and cause it to drip out later. There are also freeze plugs in the back of the engine block that may be leaking. Is it water or coolant.

Where is the water leaking from? A window, windshield, engine, etc?? Need more details in the question.

Water is a by-product of the engine exhaust - in other words: it's normal

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