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What sort of problem?

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Q: Why would you be having a problem watching DVD movies on your computer?
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What is a good website for watching movies on your computer?

BBC also you can get full movies on youtube

What are the benefits of watching movies?

learning morals and having fun

Computer usage for entertainment?

Watching online television shows or movies.

What is the use of the computer in the offices?

Watching lexi belle , tori balck porn movies

What is the use of computer in nadra office?

Watching lexi belle , tori balck porn movies

Why watching movies is a favorite pastime?

because peoples like having fun when there isn't anything to do

How do you solve the problem of watching tv?

You can solve the problem of watching TV easily by reading books. Most popular television shows and movies were based off of books. Also, why don't you try exercising?

Is watching movies on zmovie legal?

Well i heard that it's illegal. so DON'T be watching it. It will give your computer VIRUSES. So, I mean don't go on it.

Can you hook up your blu ray player to your computer for watching movies?

Connect through a USB cord

What is a computer used for?

You name it, it can be done on a computer. Listening to music, watching movies, creating websites, browsing the web. All can be done with the click of a mouse.

Can watching movies on Netflix affect your mind?

No more than watching movies anywhere else can.

Why are movies pirated?

Movies are pirated, so that people are able to view a film without having to pay for it, or watching it at the Cinema. This is the main reason why it is illegal.

Where can I get a good windows computer?

It depends on your usage of the computer. If it is for general purpose like gaming, chatting, watching movies and emailing I would prefer DELL or IBM Lenovo.

Which operating system is best for watching movies online?

Windows or Linux would be the best system for watching movies online.

What are the disadvantages of watching movies?

Movies are a poor model for behavior.

What websites are good for watching unreleased movies?

Who invented a movie theatre?

probably some guy that liked watching movies... probably some guy that liked watching movies...

What kind of laptop would be ideal for watching movies?

Any laptop with a widescreen would be perfect for sitting down and watching movies!

How long can you rent iTunes movies?

You have 30 days for it in your computer, but after you start watching it, you have 24 hours to finish the movie. BUT. If you change your time in the computer you can keep it for a longer time.

What is film viewing?

Watching movies.

What does Sidney like?

watching movies

Why people watching movies?

For entertainment

What does Sidney Crosby?

watching movies

Watching movies are good or bad?

Watching movies in and of itself carries no moral "good" or "bad". You have to consider what kind of impact they type of movie you are watching has on you, and whether or not you watch them compulsively so that you do nothing. But that's you, the movies themselves aren't good or bad.

Can watching too many movies kill you?

when i watch a lot of movies by the next day nothing goes wrong, so i think that you cannot die by watching too many movies.