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Why would you be having problems with a laptop wireless connection upstairs when the router is only about 40 feet away downstairs?


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The signal getsweaker the further away you go from a router or hub, and the signals do weaken subastantially when they go through walls and floors.

Try setting your WAP / AP (wireless access point / access point ) antennas at a 45 degree angle to allow more of the wireless frequencies to go in a vertical ( up / down ) direction.


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If you do have a wireless router on, you don't need any other computer to be on, say if you have a laptop downstairs, and a computer with the router upstairs, the computer can be off, but the router has to stay on, and you can access the internet using the laptop from downstairs, if you have a good enough signal. Hope this helps!

You can purchase the xbox wireless adaptor if you have a wireless network in your house. It will set you back $100 though. Otherwise break out the drill and run some cable.

The main problem of having a wireless printer is the actually wireless service. If you are having internet connection problems, you may not be able to print until you can establish connection.

Yes you can *for example * if u dont want wires string all over the house u can have a wireless lan running in a upstairs bedroom but still have the wired downstairs *

A wireless router opens up Internet access to people in a home and community. The best n wireless router is one that has a lot of range so that people upstairs and downstairs can receive a solid connection. When looking for the best n wireless router, it is important to make sure that a computer is compatible with the model> Also, people should research different models to find one that has great service at a low price.

This is a good idea so any one connected to the network can print out. handy if you are on a laptop upstairs and the printer is downstairs, just print it through your wireless network

No, you will have to buy a wireless router, they are nor very expensive and also buy a USB wireless dongle for your computer (if it's not already wireless) and depending on the age of your laptop; if it's modern it will more than likely have wireless built in, if not you will have to buy a wireless card OR a USB dongle.

You will need a wireless router and a wireless adapter to have wireless pc to pc connection

AnswerVery simple just turn on the switch of your wireless router and then turn your wireless connection switch in your laptop or connect to wireless connection if on PC.

If you don't have wireless connection then I don't think you can get internet. You can get the wireless connection of your computer if you have one. It can get quite tricky sometimes.

You can use a wireless connection if you have a wireless router

you have to have a wireless modem and an active DSL connection. Okay, I am just starting with this thing, . What is a wireless modem . I what to feed of my neighbors wireless connection.

You will need a wireless router for a wireless connection. Connect the Internet access cable to the wireless router. The wireless router will transmit the data.

When you go somewhere that has a wireless connection it will say, "Wireless connection detected". You will have to go and click the button that showed this message to chose that wireless connection and connect to it.

When you are filing your taxes online and using a wireless connection, you need to be sure the connection is secure. If a connection is not secure, then other people may be able to access your tax information. Ideally, the only wireless connection you should depend on is a personal one at home. These days, even using a cafe wireless internet connection can result in some problems for the person filing his or her taxes online. There are still employees in a cafe or other public location who may be able to access the wireless connection and view private information.

For wireless networks you may connect either as an Ad-Hoc connection or an Infrastructure connection. Ad-Hoc connections are completely wireless, whereas infrastructure wireless connections are a combination of wired and wireless connections.

Simple as for Internet Connection you have the cord from the router into your PC/Game System as for Wireless Internet connection well as i said its Wireless so it could be anywhere

The best thing to do is to set up a wireless router at your downstairs point and then access the Internet anywhere in the house from that. Presuming you have a laptop that has wireless access. Then you don't need to worry about the line going upstairs. Your PC at the point of access can still access the net direct via the line, so it doesn't need to have wireless. So just get yourself a wireless router.

all you do is go to the health centere and then go underground or upstairs and just look!.. may contain traces of nut...

by your DS has a wireless connection, so you just go to the Pokemon center and go upstairs and talk to the people up there behind the counters

connection without wires

That's impossible. No wireless connection for emulators.

Yes, you can. Wireless connection is not different from wired connection in a sense of functionality.

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