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Why would you gain weight from eating vegetables?

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A study for BBC where adults were allowed to eat unlimited raw fruit and vegetables all day, found that in spite of eating until they felt terrible, they all lost weight. This due to the fact that most vegetables are low in macro nutrients and thereby also low in energy.

Vegetables are also very low in fats.

The reason to why someone would gain weight on a vegetables based diet is because they eat so much vegetables that they allow their body an energy surplus. Excess energy will be stored by the body as fat or glycogen. If a person is performing weight lifting exercises the weight gain can also come from growing muscles.

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That may depend upon which vegetables you're talking about (and the amount). Some types, such as potatoes and yams, beans, and corn, are high in carbs. Others are high in sugars (beets, corn, plantain, peas). These should be eaten in limited quantity by someone wishing to avoid weight-gain. See also:


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Can you lose weight quickly by eating only vegetables?

Quick is a relative term. Think how long it took to gain that weight. Eating only vegetables, ie going vegetarian, normally helps people lose weight, but you have to watch out for protein deficiencies.

Is eating too much fruit making you gain weight?

No. Actually, eating a lot of fruit is really good for you. try to slip in a bunch of vegetables.

Can you gain weight from eating vegetables?

Yes, you can if you eat too many high calorie or high carbohydrate vegetables such as potatoes or yams, etc., or if you eat too many fried vegetables.

Can eating late make you gain weight?

Eating anything at any time can make you gain weight.

How can we gain weight?

You can gain weight by eating food with high Calories.

Can you get fat by eating vegetables and fruits?

Eating too much of any food, including fruits and vegetables, will cause you to gain weight. Fruit, in particular, is loaded with fructose, or fruit sugars, and even dietitians warn against eating too much.

Can you gain weight by eating green?

You can always gain weight by eating too much of something. But greens are very good for you.

What food can you eat and eat and not gain weight?

You will gain weight from eating anything if the amount you eat is not adequately balanced by your physical activity. Fruits and vegetables; anything on a balanced diet in proper proportions will not cause you to gain weight. If you are in your teens, growth will occur, including weight gain, so you have to allow for that. Make sure that you exercise daily.

How did Trent gain weight?

by eating

How do STARFISH gain weight?

By eating.

Does eating patatos make you gain weight?

Eating too much food and not getting enough exercise is what makes you gain weight.

Will you gain weight for eating to much healthy food?

eating anything obsessively will cause you to gain weight. atleast that's what i was told.

How to get fatter?

Eat foods high in fat, and avid eating lots of fruit and vegetables. Eat lots at a time, and you shoud gain weight quickly.

Can you gain weight from eating grains?

If you eat too much you can gain weight from just about anyhing.

Does rice help you gain weight?

Rice is a carbohydrate and eating a lot of it can help you to gain weight.

Can you eat a much fruits and vegetables and not gain weight?

Fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet. However, if you increase your caloric intake - whether from fruits and vegetables or from fast food and candy bars - you will gain weight.

How do you gain weight naturally?

by eating food

What are the effects of bad eating?

You gain weight

Does not eating anything make you gain weight?


Is over eating bad for you?

Over eating causes you to gain weight

Can you gain weight from stress when your hardly eating or under eating?

Yes you can! stress releases a hormone called serotonin into your body that causes weight gain.

Why do you gain weight when you stop eating?

Because when you stop eating your body goes into starvation mode and then it starts to save the fat that you have to survive and then you gain weight

How much weight can you gain by eating avocados?

the calroie is not so much high, but you will definitely gain weight when eating one thing too much.

Can you gain weight by eating ice?

You cannot gain weight by eating ice. Ice is water and water is used to hydrate the body. This may actually help you lose weight.

How does a human being gain weight?

u gain weight by eating to much. u would eat 24/7 non stop and when u eat to much fats and to much sugar it can cause u to gain weight