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Men get boners (or more correctly erections) when they usually see women or if they are gay another man. Women can discharge if they are sexually aroused by looking at a man.

During puberty erections may come at unusual times. Mature men generally only get erections when they are sexually aroused. If a man is homosexual, this arousal will be triggered by other men. It's possible that you, on some level, find other men to be sexually attractive. It's also possible that while you were gazing at a man, your mind was thinking about something sexual, whether related to men or women.

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Can a man urinate when he has an erection?

Yes, but only a little bit. If you have to pee while you have an erection, you would have to squeeze it out, if you know what I mean

Is a man more likely to get aroused to the point of an erection by looking or touching?

Looking. Men get more aroused looking. Woman, touching. P.S. Most men are very easily aroused.

What it feels when a man feels horny?

you get a erection

How do you know when a man is hornry?

He will flirt with you and get an erection.

If a man is castrated can he still have a erection?


Can a man have an erection after prostate removed?

do not know

Is saltpetre used to stop a man from getting an erection after a circumcision?

No, because it does not work. Thankfully I have never had my penis mutilated by any lunatics with a bible in their free hand. However I would expect that if I was walking around with a wounded penis, the moment an erection wanted to start the pain that would result would soon make me lose the erection. I doubt if it would be a problem.

Is a man more likely to get aroused to the point of an erection by sight or by touching?

both are true. it varies from one person to another. -samishiyoru

Can a man get erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy?

Patients do not experience difficulty achieving an erection, maintaining an erection, or ejaculating.

If a man has hard nipples what is wrong?

its a nipple erection

Can a 67 year old man get an erection?


Can a man get an erection from freak dancing?

Yes, it's possible for a man to get an erection during a sensuous dance of any sort. Just don't turn any corners.

What does man woman 4 man means?

A couple looking for another man to spice up their relationship. (Sexually)

How do you get a errection?

In order for a man to get an erection, there must be an increase of blood flow to his genital area. This would happen through stimulation.

After having surgy for a pre long erection Is there eany surgy to correct this so a man con have a normal erection again?

Nope, Your screwed.. (: Have fun without an erection.. :P

Is saltpetre use to stop a man from getting an erection after circumcision?


How often a day can a man have an erection?

any time he wants

How do you make a man have a erection when his on meth?

Good lord, screw the erection and get that guy to rehab! Please tell me this isn't a serious question.

What age does an erection stop or slow down?

Men continue to produce sperm right up until they die but their abilty to gain and maintain an erection can decline with age. Like with most things there is likely to be a great deal of variation from one man to another. Men reach their sexual peak in their late teens and early 20 and I would imagine that many man might find that their sexual appetite and ability to gain or maintain an erection begins to decline from their late 40s onwards. Of course, as I said earlier, there is great variation from one man to another and some men may still be highly virile in their 80s and even later.

What would happen if a man ejaculated into another man?

It would be disgusting? Let's not.

How do you help a man who cannot maintain his erection even for 2 minutes?

The first thing to do is find out whether he gets an erection while asleep.

What is a erectile dysfunction?

erectile dysfunction - When man can't get an erection to have sex or can't keep an erection long enough to finish having sex.

Has a man ever ripped his trousers when he gets a erection?

No because clothing is to strong to be ripped by a soft object and plus it would damage the penis before it would have a chance.

Why would a man be attracted to another man?

because he is gay

Why would a young man loose an erection?

There could be any number of reasons in any number of situations, you need to add more information.

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