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no i do and i have a wife

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Can uncircumcised men have full erections?

Yes men that have an intact penis can and do have full erections 80% of the worlds men have intact genitals and they have no troble with erections The only thing that happens in a circumcision is that they remove the bit of skin over the end of the penis. and that can interfere in any way with normal penis functions. If you have an unaltered penis, you certainly will respond in the way that penises have responded for millions of years.

Is it possible to have erections while peeing?

You can only urinate through a less-than-fully-erect penis.

Can people get erections in death?

Only if they had an erection when they died beacause the blood would stop flowing and stay in the penis.

Which part of the body do girls use in erections?

Girls don't get erections, because they don't have penises. Only boys get erections.

Do energy Drinks have an effcect on your penis?

only if you drink 5 hour energy brand. The carbohydrate found inside of that specific drink has the ability to increase the flacidness of your penis and increase your potential to have longer more frequent erections.

How do men get maggots in their penis?

Men get maggots in their Penis from only one source: having sex with dead corpse

Do spider bites cause swelling?

Spider bites generally cause massave uncontrolable erections. the only way to make the boner go away is to punch your penis.

If a penis size is over 5 inches and the boy is only 11 is that a good size for his age?

Dude.... why are you thinking about 11 year old boys penis'

Why do myself have a 3 penis non erect and 5 penis erectIm only 12 years of age?

im guessing u mean 3inch non erect 5 in erect if so that's cause erections make penis's bigger

Your 11 year old boy is overdeveloped in the penis and sperm flows from him continuosly-will this get worse?

A boy at the beginning of puberty will have 'leakage' from his penis because he will be having lots of spontaneous erections. But this should only be a few drips in his underwear. If this is much more than this, then you should certainly see a doctor till you find a solution. Then see another doctor if you get nowhere with the first.

Can fixed dogs get erections?

Yes they can. Erections are not only caused during sexual arousal. They can do it while scared, bored or excited.

Do boys always have erections?

No they do not, only when sexually aroused

Is it possible to have pimples in your penis?

you cant have them IN your penis only ON you penis

How do you tight the penis?

You don't tighten a penis, you harden it and you can only do that if you concentrate when having a sexual relation with some and masturbate or more foreplay could make you hard enough as you please.

Why does my girlfriend not have a penis?

A female does not have a penis. Only a male has a penis.

Is there something wrong with your penis if it is only 5 inches?

Penis size does depend on ethnic group with Oriental men generally having smaller penises and Afro-Caribbeans having larger penises. But 5 inches is average for a white adult male.

Do women who have had a gender reassignment to a man have erections?

Yes they do. A female's clitoris is the same tissue with the same nerve endings as a male's penis. The only difference is that during fetal development, that same tissue differentiated as either a male with a penis, or a female with a clitoris, during that stage of development. In an adult human, the tissues respond identically. The only difference is neurological as to how the stimulus from that tissue is interpreted.

Can having only one testicle cause weak erections?

NO! :) Try a testosterone booster from GNC, or an over the counter pre-sex pill; like "rock-hard" or "black ant"

Does penis enlargement excercises work?

No, only puberty*******************************************Yes, It works but depends on the exercises you are doing.Men do penis enlargement exercises for stretching penis externally. Jelqing, Ballooning, stretching the penis are some men enhancement exercise.Male Enhancement exercises for:1. To increase the size of their penis2. To increase their sexual stamina3. To prevent premature ejaculation4. For better erections.* Doing the exercise may not increase the size of penis but it strengthen the muscles of penis. In this one can improve erection and sexual stamina*The best men enhancement exercise is KEGEL EXERCISE.

Which one gives more satisfaction to girls long penis or thick penis or a penis having length 5 inches 1inch dia?

Most women enjoy thickness more than anything else as the vagina is only a few inches deep.

Does it hurt if a girl with braces sucks your penis?

If a girl with braces sucks your penis properly there will not be a problem. Basically she should only be using her lips, tongue and throat. Some guys do like having their penis raked by the girl's teeth, but it still should not be a problem.

What is the best way to keep a penis hard after erection?

The only ways to keep the penis erect are continued stimulation and medication. Stimulation can be in the form of arousal (looking at or thinking of arousing things) or through directly touching or manipulating the penis. One caution is that it is not good for the penis to be erect for over 4 hours. You do not want to compromise the blood flow and end up losing your penis to gangrene and subsequent amputation.

How do you stroke a womans penis?

Only males have a penis. Therefore it is not possible to "stroke a womans penis".

Are boners embarrassing?

No 'boners'/erections are only natural to have. Especially during the years of puberty.

Does eggs help your hair grow fast?

No, You Only Need to do . Is Drink Sperm of A male When you Are Having A blowJob. Eat the Water that comes out in the Penis

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