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If the lump/bony bump is indeed a permanent fixture near the base of the skull, it's most likely the classic "External Occipital Protuberance". If, however, this is a new growth on the skull, or if you became aware of it due to sudden pain or swelling, or if it is actually situated on your neck, it could be one of many other things, such as a tumor or lymph node. This posterior (rear) view and lateral view of a human skull may help. -

This is not the ideal forum for diagnosing medical conditions. Only a physician can render a qualified diagnosis.

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Q: Why would you have a bump on the back of your head?
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Is there supposed to be a bump in the middle of the back of your head?


Can a bump on the head cause blindness?

it could if the bump is near your eyes or any part of the optical lobes at the back of your head

Is the stoll the intelligence bump on the back of a dogs head?

The bony bump that is found on the back of the head on most dogs, is called a stoll. It has nothing to do with the intelligence of the dog. It is just a part of the skull.

Why back headache?

Migraine? If you took a bump to the head you should get that checked out.

How do you get rid of bumps in the back of your head?

You should get the new BUMP TERMINATOR for Back of Head Bumps from BREEJ Technologies

What is the Boney bump on back of dogs head?

Some told me dogs that have the boney bump at the back of the head is called an intelligence this correct and if so what exactly does that mean? I know what intelligence is........LOL! Are these dogs smarter than others? I just don't know.

Small bump in the back of head and has been there for several months?

you have a big problem

Why does my daughter have a small pea sized bump on the back of her head?

everyone has one.

What does it mean if you have a couple of areas on the back of your head that are painful when touched and one of them is a small hard bump?

Did you fall and bump your head? Or get hit with something in the head? If you didn't bump or hit your head or get hit in the head recently, you should go see a doctor. And if you did bump your head and these tender spots and bumps don't go away soon, you should see a doctor also. I have painful bump on my head especially when touched coupled with head aches and blurry vision. Please let me know the there is any information. I can'tfind any.

My daughter has a bump on the back right side of her head that is painful when touched what could it be?

If a child has a bump on the head that is painful to the touch, you should seek medical attention. This can range from a fall or a tumor.

There is a Bump in the back of head is causing hair loss what is it?

If a bump in the back of the head is causing hair loss, it may be restricting blood flow. There is no way to tell without seeing a physician. It could by anything from an infected hair to cancer.

What is a large bump under the skin located on the back of the neck and also on the back of the head?

it's a spine disc

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