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Many people don't realize that there may be 3 - 4 canals in a tooth and sometimes the dentist may miss the extra canals. Also some dentists will do the root canal and fill the tooth, but a crown or cap is the answer. If it's filled it could be the filling causing the agitation. Please see your dentist for the proper diagnosis.Personal Experience:

I HAD A root canal, and topped it off with a $1000.00 crown (gold and composite). About two to three years later, I began to have a little pus "pimple" appear on my gum line near that tooth. My dentist is one of the best and has done about $10,000.00 worth of work in my mouth over the last 12 years. He checked me out and said that he had missed a small piece of "root" in one of my "canals". He apologized, of course. He then drilled a small hole in my cap and crown and sucked out that piece he missed two years ago. He then filled the hole in my crown with a special composite material. If in doubt, SEE YOUR DENTIST.

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Q: Why would you have pain in tooth years after having a root canal?
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You have had a bad tooth for 8 years have had 3 root canal and you are still having a problem you have had 2 caps on the same tooth could you be allergic to the glue or the cap?

And you seriously think we would know that better than a dentist.

Why are you having constant headaches numbness on your head dizziness bad taste on your mouth difficulty to concentrate after 2 root canals done in one tooth in three years?

If after two years, you are still having headaches from your tooth, you need to visit your dentist. There could be nerve damage from the bad tooth or root canal procedure.

Is it secure to root canal the tooth of a 4 years baby?

no it will pain the baby

Why does your tooth hurt that you had a root canal done on about 3 years ago?

Generally its not the same tooth that may be hurting, if the root canal was performed properly. You should go see a dentist to rule out other dental issues you might be having. Once the root is removed it is a dead tooth, no longer susceptible to sensation. A "root canal" procedure does not include the removal of a root(s), only the "killing" of the nerve down the center of the roots.

Can a twelve year old get a root canal done on her front tooth?

Yes. I had a root canal done on one of mine when I was 10 or 11 and one on the other front tooth a couple years later, as the result of an accident.

When can you smoke after having a wisdom tooth removed?

in 3 years time

What is the risk of killing a nerve of a tooth that is causing you pain?

I assume you are talking about going to a dentist and having a root canal therapy performed on the tooth. This procedure removes the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. The interior of the tooth is then filled with an inert rubber material called gutta percha. The most common risks associated with a root canal are pain during the procedure that is usually effectively controlled with local anesthetics; pain after the procedure as the healing process begins, usually managed with OTC or prescription pain medication and antibiotics; failure of the root canal therapy, which may require either a second procedure or a surgical procedure called an apicoectomy and retrofill or extraction of the tooth. Assuming that the root canal therapy is successful, most teeth will soon require a crown restoration because the tooth will tend to become brittle and fracture. Having a crown placed prior to the fracture is highly recommended. Sometimes a root canal tooth will turn dark from the inside out. This will become a cosmetic concern if it is a front tooth visible when you smile or talk. Most root canal teeth can last many years, often a lifetime. However, sometimes root canal teeth will fail many years later for no apparent reason. Depending on the specific situation, the root canal may be repeated. For the best information, you should seek out a quality dentist and discuss the risks, benefits, and alternatives with him/her.

How are root canals helpful?

I remember a few years ago, I had a rotten tooth. My dentist said if he didn't perform a root canal, the rot would get to my bloodstream, poison, and kill me. So the root canal saved my life. And it didn't even hurt much.

Should a tooth crack after a root canal?

No. A properly completed root canal should look exactly like a normal tooth from the outside (except where the drilling was filled), but should not crack. As to sensation, the nerve has been removed and you should no longer have feeling in the tooth if everything was completed as it should be. If you are experiencing pain or anything unusual in the tooth (like cracking, yikes!) I would definitely go back to your dentist. Or perhaps a different one if yours flubbed your root canal. I've had one root canal and years later I had the procedure corrected because the very tip of the root hadn't been removed. No cracking from either.

4 year old has decay in upper front tooth should tooth be removed or root canal?

If the tooth can be saved with a root canal (pulpotomy) or other treatment, it should be done. The adult tooth that will replace this baby tooth may not erupt until the child is six or seven years old, and the dental arch may shrink if the baby tooth is lost too soon. This will lead to problems when the adult tooth erupts and the child may require extensive and expensive orthodontic treatment to correct the problems.

What could be the cause of pain in a tooth that had a root canal done through an existing crown over 5 years ago?

Either the root canal was incomplete, (one canal or little channel was left uncleaned, waiting to be infected, most commonly happening on a molar) or the crown is 'leaking' at the margins, letting bacteria enter and eat the existing tooth structure. Or, you may be surprised to find out, it is not the tooth you think it is. Go to your dentist. He may tap your teeth with a metal instrument and find it is the tooth next to it.

How painful is a root canal for a child?

i am 12 years old i just had my root canal today. It didn't hurt bad they just nummed the area around the tooth it was fine. For a child the biggest factor is fear.

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