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Why would you have pain in tooth years after having a root canal?

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Many people don't realize that there may be 3 - 4 canals in a tooth

and sometimes the dentist may miss the extra canals. Also some

dentists will do the root canal and fill the tooth, but a crown or

cap is the answer. If it's filled it could be the filling causing

the agitation. Please see your dentist for the proper


Personal Experience:

I HAD A root canal, and topped it off with a $1000.00 crown

(gold and composite). About two to three years later, I began to

have a little pus "pimple" appear on my gum line near that tooth.

My dentist is one of the best and has done about $10,000.00 worth

of work in my mouth over the last 12 years. He checked me out and

said that he had missed a small piece of "root" in one of my

"canals". He apologized, of course. He then drilled a small hole in

my cap and crown and sucked out that piece he missed two years ago.

He then filled the hole in my crown with a special composite

material. If in doubt, SEE YOUR DENTIST.

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