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They are on the same fuse.

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Q: Why would you lose your dash light park light tail light on a 1996 ford contour?
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Tail lights and dash light won't work on 1996 contour?

check your fuse

How do you remove the dash panel on a 1996 ford contour?

how to remove the vent from dashboard of 1996 ford contour

Where is dash board light adjuster in 1996 ford contour?

I believe it is just to the left of your fan speed control knob for your heater / air conditioning

Where is the heater switch located on a 1996 Ford Contour?

The heater switch on a 1996 Ford Contour is under the passenger side dash. It is located behind the glove box.

Where is dash light fuses in caprice 1996?

where is dash light fuses in caprice1996

Where is the location of the blower motor relay in a 1997 ford contour fuse box?

On my 1996 contour the heater would not work. I found from the dealer that under the passenger dash (kick panel) there is a relay they replaced. It is very easy to get at

How do you know if your alternator is bad in your 1996 Oldsmobile aurora?

A warning light on the dash would illuminate.

1996 Chevy lumina dash light where you can read mileage is not working?

dash light on my 1996 chevolet lumina is not working where i am able to read mileage

What would cause the dash light not to work on a 1996 Monte Carlo?

instrument cluster is shorted out or corroded

Inside the fuse box of a 1996 ford contour which one is for the window?

#21 in the fuse panel under the driver side dash.

Why can't i shift out of park in my 1996 ford contour?

Your fuse under the dash board to the left of the break petal must be burnt out

Where is the hazard light switch in Toyota Corolla 1996?

on your dash,