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you need the pre-order disk when you reserve Pokemon colloseum i know cause i got the disk and tranfered jirachi to my game

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Q: Why would you not be able to catch Jirachi in Pokemon Sapphire?
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How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't. You can only get jirachi in ruby and sapphire. You would have to trade from ruby or sapphire.

How do you catch a jirachi on Pokemon sapphire?

Jirachi is only available to people who reserved a copy when Sapphire first came out. They would get a bonus disk, which contained Jirachi. It was meant for you to transfer him to your GBA. Unless you reserved a copy in 2003, or know someone who did, I'm afraid your outta luck.

Where do you find Deoxys in Pokemon Sapphire?

Sorry But as much as i would love to catch it, you can't catch in Pokemon sapphire :(

How do you get jirachi without game shark?

If you are playing Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you can obtain a Jirachi by using the Bonus Disc that came with Pokemon Colosseum. Another way is by participating upcoming or current events for Jirachi. This would only work for X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, however.

Where do you catch jirachi mew and Celebi?

You cannot catch Mew, Celebi or Mew in any Pokémon games however you would have been able to get Jirachi provided you had pre-ordered Pokémon Colosseum and received the pre-order bonus disc which would have allowed you to download Jirachi to either Pokémon Ruby or Pokémon Sapphire. Jirachi can also be obtained from early version of Pokemon Channel for the Gamecube upon completion of the main story.

How do you catch jirachi on Pokemon Collesseum?

If you ordered the English Version of Pokemon Collesseum, you would also have a Bonus Disc that holds Jirachi. If you have the Jepanise Version, you would get a Bonus Disc that holds Celebi instead.

Is there a way to catch the legendary Pokemon like mew lugia ho-oh jirachi and Deoxys without cheating?

In emerald you can catch deoxys and jirachi but your internal battery needs to be working if it is keep going to the space center until they get to rocket launch 99 then talk to the dude that tells you which one there on and he'll ask if you would want to go on 100 if you do you can catch jirachi and deoxys if not you can catch celebi the same goes for ruby and sapphire hope this helps

How do you you catch Pokemon Deoxys in sapphire?

You would need the aurora ticket.

How do you delete a Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire so you can recatch it?

You would have to start a new game and catch the Pokemon again.

How do you change a Pokemons name in Pokemon sapphire?

When you catch a Pokemon it says would you like to give .............. a nickname yes/no you choose YES

What beaches have heart scales in Pokemon sapphire?

there are some , but you would rather catch luvdisc .. its much esier !!

Where do you catch a turchic in Pokemon Platinum?

There is no way to catch a wild Torchic in Pokemon Platinum. The only way to get one in Platinum would be to transfer from the Generation 3 games (Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald) where it is a starter Pokemon.

What region is Pokemon Sapphire from?

the region that you play in pokemon sapphire would be hoenn.

How do you catch all the Regis in Pokemon Pearl.Diamond?

you cant you would need to upload them from ruby or sapphire, if your looking to get regigas

What is the best water type Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Sapphire?

Best non-legendary water pokemon would be Gyarados. Best legendary water pokemon is Kyogre.

Is there away to get latias and latios in Pokemon diamond?

no way unless you trade someone. you can only catch it in Pokemon Sapphire, ruby, and emerald. i think if you have one, you could release it and catch it again. but who would try that?

Where do you catch jirachi?

Jirachi can only be caught in Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Ruby, and Pokemon Emerald.(Subject to change) Go to Mossdeep City and go to the space craft/station. Enter and look for the man looking out the window. He will say "That's successful launch number X". X changes due to the amount of time you have played. There is one launch every week. When he says "That's successful launch number 100" he will then say "We can now take up regular people. Would you like to be the first?" Say yes and fly to space. Look around and you will see the legendary Jirachi!

What Pokemon evolves into sallamance?

the correct answer is shelgon, but im guessing that you would likethe first evo. as well and that would be bagon, which you can catch in metiorite falls in pokemon sapphire, ruby, and emerald.

How do you pearl find jirachi in Pokemon?

You can't in Pearl. To be honest Jirachi was not available in any game. However if you pre-ordered the Pokemon Colosseum Japanese version you would receive the Bonus Disk, in which you could send Jirachi to Pokemon R/S/E then migrate it to Pearl. you can get jirachi from a mystery gift

When can dragonair evolve in mystery dungeon?

well at the end of the game you meet the Pokemon called jirachi you will have dialga and palkia on your team you can be them i would say be dialga so beat jirachi with dialga and then jirachi will evolve any Pokemon for you ok.

What is the most powerful Pokemon in emerald?

I would say Rayquaza or jirachi

How do you catch jirachi on Pokemon diamond without an action replay?

Actually... your in luck. Gamestop is giving away a jirachi for all the ds Pokemon games (exept heart gold and soul silver). The event ends on Saturday March 13th 2010. Hope you read this in time! Another way would be to use emerald, ruby, or sapphire to get one with a gameshark (If you can get it naturally on those games that works too, but I'm not sure if you can get it naturraly). If neither of those work ask someone to trade you... that's how I got my shamin...

How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon Ruby?

The Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disc for the GameCube is where you can upload Jirachi to your Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.Another way to get Jirachi in Pokemon Ruby is by using a GameShark or another type of hacking device, then entering in a Jirachi code for that device.However, you could also get Jirachi by trading with a friend or by having gone to an event (which already passed) where Jirachi was given out.

Which Pokemon learns the TM dig on Pokemon sapphire?

That would be a nincada.

Where could you catch the Pokemon latias in sapphire?

What you have to do is beat the elite four then go back to your house and look at the TV and your mom will ask you what color it was and you would and you would have it.