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Q: Why would you visit Leshan Giant Buddha?
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Is there a church or temple for Buddha?

People would worship Buddha in a temple.

The land of the disappearing Buddha?

Is a documentary on Japanese Buddhism. The question of the movie is "If the Buddha of India met the Buddha of Japan, would they recognize each other?" They visit a Japanese restaurant where the owner has the workers practice Zen Buddhism and go on weekend training sessions of Zen Buddhism as a part of their job. They visit a temple where Zen Buddhism is practiced and see Zen-like activities such as archery, calligraphy, sword-fighting, and a tea ceremony.

Who would win Confucius or Buddha?

In a fight, Confucius would win as Buddha is an enlightened pacifist and would not fight back.

Buddha or the Buddha - Which is the correct usage?

The Buddha would be the right way to say it. "The Buddha" is a title used in the same way as other titles such as "The President" or "The Pope" when referring to the individual by title and not by name.

How would you compare Buddha and Mohammed?

Buddha saw the world as it is. Mohammed saw the world as he wished it to be. Jesus saw mankind as he would wish it to be. I can't believe that any of them really had a clue about the afterlife.

Why is the video named Land of the Disappearing Buddha?

The video is a study of Zen Buddhism and compares it to the only remaining school from the time of Buddha, Therevada. It asks the question whether the Buddha in Japan would recognize the Buddha in original times. That Buddha has "disappeared" into Mahayana and Zen.

After Siddharta's death the Buddha believed he would attain?

Siddartha Gutma (the Buddha) believed he would reach Nirvana, the Buddist version of heaven, because he was Enlightened.

Was Buddha a leader of something?

The historic Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama) was a Prince and would have been ruler of his country on his fathers death.

What is a word meaning the opposite of the word Buddha?

Buddha is known as the "enlightened one" so a fair opposite would be "ignorant".

What is the only holy site for religious worshippers in Buddhism?

The most universally accepted important site for Buddhist is the Temple at Bodhgaya where the Buddha reached enlightenment. There are however a large number of holy sites, the Buddha himself named four places that would be beneficial to visit on pilgrimage but there are a great number of placed visited and respected by Buddhists.

Who did the Buddha marry?

Siddhartha Buddha married his cousin, Yashodhara.

What class was Buddha born into?

The Buddha was born as the son of a king and the highest class of nobility. He would have been a Brahman - the highest caste.