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If the car has air con and it is switched on, it will have a fan running at the front all the time. If no aircon, then you might have a faulty temp switch. Also most modern cars have a safety system built in which brings the fan on, on default if there are any faults in the system. Hope this helps

depending if its a newer one or not newer ones pcm's pick up a signal from the ect sensor older ones utilize a fan switch either one of those is faulty or the pcm has gone retarded or the car is just in fact cooling itself off

most car radiator fan control uses a relay switch to indirectly turn on the fan motor by a thermostat sensor, first thing to check is the thermostat switch located near the hose going to radiator. It should read infinite ohm (open) when engine is cold. at around 80-85 deg it should read zero ohm. (shorted) another thing to look for is the relay switch. most relay defects is welded contacts that might be the culprit why fan is always running.

I hope this might be a help.

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2010-04-07 15:21:45
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Q: Why would your Kia engine fan come on all the time?
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