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Why would your boyfriend say he loves you yet never try to make love to you and you live together but he is always sleeping with other women?



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Because he doesn't respect you, nor does he really love you, despite what he may say. You are just a warm body for him to sleep next to when he can't find anyone to have sex with on any particular night. He could be giving you God knows what diseases by sleeping with all these other women, so why would you stay with him? It's better to be alone and happy with who you are then to be with someone who treats you like dirt and doesn't respect you. Kick him out. If your boyfriend loved you then he wouldn't be cheating on you. If he won't make love to you and is sleeping around with other women, then you need to kick him out and be rid of him. He could be giving you STDs from other women, getting other women pregnant, and is probably telling these other women he loves them too. You need to get rid of him and find ways to make yourself happy so you can get over him. == Now, as for the cheating...kick his butt...but for the not wanting sex, it could be anything. Or maybe he does have something and doesn't want to give it to you...TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT!