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Because he doesn't respect you, nor does he really love you, despite what he may say. You are just a warm body for him to sleep next to when he can't find anyone to have sex with on any particular night. He could be giving you God knows what diseases by sleeping with all these other women, so why would you stay with him? It's better to be alone and happy with who you are then to be with someone who treats you like dirt and doesn't respect you. Kick him out. If your boyfriend loved you then he wouldn't be cheating on you. If he won't make love to you and is sleeping around with other women, then you need to kick him out and be rid of him. He could be giving you STDs from other women, getting other women pregnant, and is probably telling these other women he loves them too. You need to get rid of him and find ways to make yourself happy so you can get over him. == Now, as for the cheating...kick his butt...but for the not wanting sex, it could be anything. Or maybe he does have something and doesn't want to give it to you...TALK TO HIM ABOUT IT!

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What does it means when your boyfriend always say he loves me?

He loves you...It seems clear as day to me.

How do you know your 16 year old boyfriend loves you?

He will tell you how special you are to him. He will want to always be with you. If your boyfriend truly loves you he will tell you "I Love You".

What does it mean if your boyfriend dream about spending time together?

it means that he loves you.

Who does kimberly love?

kimberly loves her boyfriend gerardo forever and for always

What does it mean if you love your boyfriend and he only cares for you?

It means you two might be together for a while. The answer is in your question. He cares for you. It means he loves you and wants to protect you and always be yours.

Why does my boyfriend always tell me he loves me when hes drunk?

he wants inside your pants

How can you tell if your boyfriend really loves you?

he will always fight with u and tend to ignore you.....

What does it mean when your boyfriend says that your going to be together for eternity?

It Means That Your Boyfriend Really Really Loves You And Wants to be together with you for ETERNITY <3 thats so adorable

How do you know if your boyfriend truly loves you?

because she or he always needs right beside you..she or he often care about you..

Your boyfriend is always busy you want to know if he loves you?

does it mean he is loving you less when only he is busy?

What are good signs that your ex still loves you?

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why is he always accusing you of cheating?

Hi, He probably is afraid of losing you and really loves you. If your boyfriend/Hubbie does this its a compliment!

Is Shakira cheating on her boyfriend?

no she loves her boyfriend

How will you know your boyfriend loves you?

if your boyfriend loves you he will do anything to help you or he would do anything for you if he loves you he will stare at you and or he will hold your hand and that kind of stuff!

What do you do if your boyfriend cheats on you with your best friend?

first, ask your friend what shes been doing with your boyfriend. If she tries to lie to you in any way smack the crap out of her. Then confront your boyfriend. if you get it out of him see if what they've been behind your back is not too serious you don't necessarily have to dump him. But if they've been sleeping together leave his butt and find a someone who loves you for who you are. Not just to get close to your hot friend.

How do you know if your boyfriend still love you?

You dont have sex with him for a month or so and if he still stays with you either he loves you or is sleeping with someone else so he doesnt care.

How do you know if your boyfriend loves you though he wants to make you always jealous?

i will know if my boyfriend loves me though he wants me to jealous because he also wants to if i also love him if I've jealous about i really love him if not i did'NT love him that's why

How do you know of your boyfriend loves you?

If you feel loved by him then he loves you.

How do get your boyfriend to admit he loves you?

If he loves you why worry about him "admitting" it.

How can tell boyfriend mine loves you?

He says he loves you

What do you do if you know your boyfriend is madly in love with you but his friends hate that he is going out with you?

If he really, truly loves you, you should stay together.

When should your boyfriend tell you he loves you?

If your boyfriend wants to and has those feelings he will do it when he wants to and is ready. Don't expect it just because your dating because that does not always mean they are in love with you.

Who is angie hang's boyfriend?

My boyfriend is someone special who always spend time with me and make me happy everday and make me feel special they way i am loves for who i am not how i look like

How can i get my boyfriend to verbally tell me he loves me?

ask him how much he loves you

How do you now your boyfriend loves you?

plz tell me how can you tell if he loves you?

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