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Could be a defective master cylinder--Ford had this problem a few years ago when the brake fluid got warm and expanded (Normal) the master cylinder would not allow the expanded fluid to return the the resevior--causing brakes to drag and eventually seize until fluid cooled and relaxed the calipers The car was driven too long with the brakes on. Was the parking brake engaged while driving? Bad calipers can cause sticking too. The metals on the brakes have become so hot that they have "welded" themselves together. Have a professional replace and repair the brakes.

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Q: Why would your brake rotors get red and hot enough that the car can't be moved?
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Why would the front rotors turn after changing the brake pads and rotors?

Possible wrong rotors???

What would cause a 97 Maxima to vibrate when you apply the brakes?

your brake rotors are warped. You should repalce you brake pads and have the rotors resurfaced if possible, or replaced.

How do you change rotors on a 1991 accord?

remove tire calipers brake assembly then pull your rotors off i would recomend putting new brake pads if your putting new rotors you will need a special puller for the rotors cause they are pressed on

What would it cost to install brake rotors on a Ford Taurus?

About 30 each for rotors and 2 hours (or less) in labour.

What if we changed the front brake pad rotors and sensor but only changed the back brake pad and not the rotors and sensor why would the light indicatir stay on the back rotors did not need changing?

Possible that the rear sensors are broken.

Do brake rotors from a 2000 Montana fit a 2002 Montana?

Yes. Although it confuses me as to why you would want to use old rotors for a brake job. New ones are cheap.

What would cause brand new brake rotors to warp repetidly on a 1996 Buick Le Sabre?

Break rotors heat up very fast while drive and stopping, todays technology in my sense isn't the best on rotors. If you have a heavy foot and brake hard, that will contribute to warped rotors. Sudden stops will also case warping. Most brake Specialist (Les Shwab) recommend on new cars, and new rotors to brake easy, (light foot) on your new rotors for the first 1,000 miles of the rotors life. That way they have time to brake in.

What would cause a vibration in slowing down a car?

Warped brake rotors.

What would happen if the brake pads wore out?

Braking would deteriorate and you could damage the rotors.

Why do the brakes squeak on 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE when you release them?

Disc brakes by their very nature can be noisy due to the high heat and pressures they work in. As you depress your brake a great deal of heat is being generated and holding the brake keeps these parts from vibrating however, as you release the brake , there is enough play to allow this vibration. Chances are your brake rotors have enough wear so they can no longer absorb this heat like they could when they were new. If it is troublesome I would replase the brake rotors and pads.

Why would your car shake while stopping?

Normally this is caused by warped brake rotors.

Why would your car shudder during braking?

i would suggest getting an m.o.t I suspect the brake rotors are warped. Machining or replacement of rotors is necessary to correct that problem.

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