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- Sounds like a switch. Take it in for troubleshooting-why guess! - If it is not too late, you might also want to double check your owner's manual. My vehicle has an option to flash the brights (pull handle toward you) or to have them on until I turn them off. (push handle away to turn on and away again to turn off). If your car has 2 settings, you might just be using the wrong one? Just a thought. - - - This happened to me because while turning once, the turn signal auto shutoff mechanism shut off when I backed off on turning briefly. I didn't want it off and forced it back on. It didn't like this, and something went snap, so eventually it wore out, and now I'm having to replace it (and it's an older, harder to find kind too). - - - - Is it a GM and on the turn signal lever? I found that it can be adjusted or the linkage to the switch is bent in some cases or indeed a bad switch.

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Q: Why would your bright lights only stay on if you hold them?
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