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get front tires balanced

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Q: Why would your car vibrates hard while you are driving?
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Can you hit the highway with your car pulling to the right while driving?

It depends on how hard the pull is. It would be safest to get your vehicle fixed before getting on the highway.

What is Vibratone instrument?

it's a very hard question but it is an instrument that vibrates .. i think

Tell me something that's hard to do while driving in snow?

Stop, See, Steer, Speed

Your car lost power while driving and now will not start?

my car has no power when driving. plus its hard to start. after i ran it low on fuel

What causes a knocking when your car drops in a whole while driving?

It's really hard to understand what you're asking here."What causes a knocking sound when your car drops into a hole while driving?"If that's your question, I imagine that it would be the sound of your car dropping into a hole.

Which vibrates faster and produces a higher pitch - a long string plucked hard or a short string plucked hard?

short string plucked hard

While driving 55 mph how long does it take to come to a complete stop?

it depends on how hard u stop

How does the normal pedal feel when the abs is activated during hard brake?

The brake pedal vibrates.

If you have a blow out while driving you should?

Grab the wheel with both hands and coast to a stop. If you brake hard you are likely to spin out.

What is the vibrating part of loud speaker?

The cone of a speaker is what vibrates to make sound. In some hard speakers with a rigid cone-shaped horn, a flexible diaphragm vibrates. Withut the vibration, you get no sound.

What were the obstacles in the way of Russian progress?

I think it was mostly self imposed obstacles. The Russians, while they drive a hard bargain, they don't take well to others driving a hard bargain.

Why is the Shift lever hard to operate?

because youcould easily bump it in to a wrong gear while your driving and could lead to big diasters!!

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