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Hot water lines are smaller thus in the winter they freeze faster

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Q: Why would your cold water run but hot does not?
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What do you do to stop the pain of hot water burn?

what i would do, is run it under cold water.

Why does hot water run faster than cold water?

Hot water runs faster than cold water because the molecules in hot water makes it go faster than cold water.

If you want the water heat to make hot water can you run cold water?


Why does the water have to run for a long time to get it hot?

The water pipes are full of cold water. All that cold water has to be flushed from the pipes before the hot water from the tank reaches your faucet.

Do I use hot or cold water when I run my garbage disposal?


Why does hot water run faster then cold water?

Maybe u have a plubing problem

Why does your hot water run in all upstairs taps but your cold water does not?

Either the cold water froze or someone shut the cold water riser to the upstairs floor.

Why would no water come out of any hot water faucet but if I turn on the cold water in the tub then the sink with the hot water knob on will run cold water I am thinking the pipes can't be frozen if w?

You probably have a blocked or frozen pipe into the H/W tank.

Do i turn on hot or cold so my pipesdontfreeze?

Technically it won't matter as the hot water is made from incoming cold water. However it would be cheaper to turn on the cold water and let it run very slowly, more than a drip. If you leave the hot open, the heater will be turning on and off all night.

Why does cold tap water get colder when run longer?

Same reason hot water gets hotter when run longer

When someone pour hot water on their arm what should they do?

they have to run cold water over their arm.

How can you get hot water faster at all the bath room it take long timeto get hot?

You could install a recirculating pump near your hot water tank and run a pipe from the furthest fixture that has hot water to this pump. This pump would then circulate the hot water back into the COLD inlet of the hot water tank and have hot water available at each fixture when you want. You would require a check valve where the recirculated water enters the cold supply to your hot water tank. CALL A PLUMBER THAT HAS FREE ESTIMATES!!!

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