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It might be a virus. Or perhaps windows has a missing component

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You cannot open regedit?

There is no - in regedit. click run and type regedit not reg-edit

How do you get rid of green AV from computer?

== == I went to start, run, typed in regedit, pressed ctrl F, typed in Green Av deleted everything in the folder, deleted the folder, ran an anti-virus software, deleted all cookies and restart computer.

Where registery editor is located in computer?

The registry editor is located in C:\WINDOWS\regedit. You can also access it by going to Start > Run and entering in regedit, then pressing OK.

How do you remove restriction on run application?

i cant see and access "run" on my start menu... even if i press windowkey + r it doesnt work... i just want to access the regedit but our computer has restrictions to applications being run... is there any other way to run regedit or to run "run" even with restrictions??

Where is regedit in Windows 98 located?

if you cannot find it, simply run it from the RUN menu type 'regedit' and it will take you there

How do you use windows xp reg edit?

You might want to stay out of the regedit if you have no clue what your doing, messing around in there can mess up your computer. If you want to go in there anyways go to Start > Run and type in regedit. You can also go to C:\WINDOWS\regedit.

How do you start regedit using command prompt?

Just run "regedit" command from DOS..

How do you open run regedit?

Hit <Ctrl R> then type 'regedit' then hit enter.

How do you get rid of a Green AV popup?

I went to start, run, typed in regedit, pressed ctrl F, typed in Green Av deleted everything in the folder, deleted the folder, ran an anti-virus software, deleted all cookies and restart computer.

What is the command to edit the registry?

Run "Regedit"

How do you enable regedit in windows 2000?

Start -> Run ,type "regedit" (without quotes) in the box, hit enter.

Where are the software licenses stored on computer?

It is stored in the Registry -- Click START then Click RUN -- Type in REGEDIT and it will take you into the REGESTRY --- Wildbilly Oki

How can edit the Registry?

Run "regedit" (without quotes)

What is the command to edit registry?

Start - Run - type "regedit" and then enter

Could not load run Systemfile.dll.vbs specified in the registry.Make sure the file exists on your computer or remove the reference to it the registry?

To remove this file from the resistry open it by opening run and typing in "regedit" delete that file and you will be fine.

Why does sims 3 restart my computer after playing for 25 minutes?

b/c u need a new computer, it probably doesnt run the right way on your type of computer

Does a video stop uploading on Youtube if you restart your computer?

Normally, yes. YouTube the app runs on your computer or run from the internet will stop loading when you break the connection from restarting your computer.

How can modify the windows registry if access if regedit has been disable?

Login to the computer as an Administrator or someone who has administrative privileges, you should then be able to access regedit via the run command. Most likely reason access has been disabled is because you have limited permissions to the computer. You only modify the registry if you know how to use a computer (as it can cause serious damage leaving your computer unusable), if that is true then there should have been no need to post this question.

How do you remove antivirus pro 2010?

Shutdown computer, restart in safe mode, download Malwarebytes, run scan, click remove files, restart in normal mode, BAM ITS GONE!

What command is used to edit the registery?

1. click Start 2. Click Run 3. Type in "Regedit" 4. Know what you are doing or you will crash the computer big time!

How do you access and edit the registry?

Use the program "regedit" in the run toolbar from windows.

How do you fixed windows 7 cord 9c47 update error?

You can usually fix the 9c47 error code by uninstalling IE, restart the computer, and download IE from Microsoft. Disconnect the Internet before you run the installer file. Once installed, restart the computer.

What if your regedit come and imidiatly disappear?

Either you don't have required permissions (administrative), or you have a virus(es) which shuts down regedit automatically. Run full anti-virus check.

Where do you find the registry?

choose start, then run, then type regedit and hit ok, but unless you know what you are doing NEVER delete or change anything! Deleting or changing the wrong thing will make your computer not work and it is very hard to get your computer to work.

How do you find registry editor?

You can go to "run" and then wrtite "regedit". it will open registry editor.

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