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I'm guessing she doesn't really know what she wants or what she is doing. Give it a few weeks, and if she has'nt got her head straight then, time to move along.


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Because they don't want to break up with the girlfriend. This has nothing to do with the fact that they are married.

If a boy has a girlfriend then he is considered taking and you should leave him alone and later he may break up with his girlfriend.

You must softly break the news to her, and you both must be alone.

Leave it alone... don't get involved. Your crush will hate you if u break them up

She is cheating on you man...Sorry, But I think you need to break up with her.

say "son break up with your girlfriend".

It sounds as if you were on the rebound and chose another girlfriend before getting over your ex. Your girlfriend deserves the respect and dignity of you telling her the truth and if you don't break up with her then you are using her and the truth will eventually come out and hurt her deeply. Break up and go back to your ex and if she doesn't want you don't go running back to your girlfriend.

Normally a break is a time to technically"not be in a relationship" but on the other hand a break from your boyfriend or girlfriend is a time to just get away from that specific person. If both you and your girlfriend or boyfriend agree that you can see other people during the break, than it's fine. But if you just go out and date another person while on a break without telling that can cause major relationship problems.

talk to him. if he likes you enough then he will dump his girlfriend and ask you out. if not then forget about him. Leave them alone and don't make a move on him unless they break-up

Be very careful when you try this. the other girl will get jealous and may attack you. You could get him drunk sleep with him and tell his Girlfriend he got you pregnant. Not telling you to do this but this is one way to do it.

Well wait for him to break up with his girlfriend but don't be the one to break it up.

She wants to break up with you

My opinion is to find a less crazy girlfriend... :) >> Sadly this is happening to me! I don't wish to find a less-crazy girlfriend! I'll keep you posted on what happens wikiquestions : D So that no one else need go through this trouble without advice!

Let him decide to either break up with his girlfriend or not without encouragement from you. If he does, then you can decide whether or not to see him again. That way you know that you did not help facilitate the break up. But keep in mind, if he's capable of trying to manipulate the situation like this with his present girlfriend, he's capable of doing the same with his future (you?) girlfriend. It's always best to try to treat others as you would like to be treated. Good luck.

just give her a break, dont keep hounding on her and talking to her and saying sorry because most of the time, if a guy does that wen a girl needs a break it just makes their relationship weaker. but if you leave the girl alone it will most likely improve your relationship ..... but wen your on the break do not! go and find another girlfriend because to girls it is still considered cheating

A guy who learns that another guy is the 'someone else' calling his ex girlfriend baby. The lyrics are Goodbyes never easy, so break it to me hard. If you're over my love girl, lay it on my heart. Don't try to save me, is someone else calling you baby?

talk about the person's bad points or have evidential proof that the person is cheating on them such as pictures or videos on youtube.

Unless he decides to break up with his girlfriend because of his cheating you should probably leave him alone until he becomes available, it's best to just not get involved.

I suggest you break up with your girlfriend and leave both of them alone. Find someone who has an ugly sister. Or better yet, and only child.

If she is a long time girlfriend and is now trying to break up with you then she has been telling you for a while what problems she is having with you. If you are not listening to this then start. If you have been listening but don't believe you should have to address the problems she is confronting then perhaps you should reevalute whether you really want to be with her. If you want to be with her, then listen to what she is telling you and give her what she wants or, at the very least try to work these problems out so both of you can be happy.

If you dont know who the guy is then you should find out before being jealous. But if you do know the guy then you should just go have a long talk with your girlfriend because if you are jealous, your girlfriend might just break up with you.

Kiss her on the cheeks. Or, break up with your girlfriend first.

i won't say her anything cause friends come 1st and i will never try to break my friend's heart by telling his girlfriend that i love her.

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