Why would your legs shake badly after exercise?

Legs shaking

You say you are working out hard! Are you cooling down gradually or are you stopping your exercise abruptly? If you stop abruptly your circulation will be challenged and lack of oxygen to the muscles will cause them to spasm.

Get advice from a trainer about all aspects of excercise eg fluid intake, warming up and cooling down periods, working aerobicly and checking your heartbeat etc etc etc.

Exercise without proper understanding of your body's needs is PUNISHMENT!

More input from FAQ Farmers:

  • I used to body build, I would work out prety hard and some times I would do some leg work first then go stand in front of the mirrors to do some shoulder raises and biceps work. some times my legs would shake badly and almost give out on me. This was just because I got a great work out.
  • Your legs shake like that because you worked out hard. Your legs are tired and need to recover from a hard workout. Squats will do that to you with heavy weight. It means your doing a good job.

you might have a small tear in a quad or hamstring that would cause you to shake. Also , an abundance of caffeine or other dieuritic would explain the shaking.