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Why you are not using petrol in diesel engine?


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Diesel and petrol engines work differently. Diesel engines use compression to ignite the air/fuel mixture, and have a much higher compression ratio than petrol engines, which use spark ignition. The conditions for ignition are not met when petrol is put into a diesel engine, and will stall.


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Petrol in a Diesel will cause serious engine damage if you run the engine. Diesel in a petrol engine and the engine will simply not run. No damage will be done.

Petrol in a diesel engine will destroy the engine.

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

Oils can successfully be used in diesel engines although they might need to be modified and or heated

No, you cannot convert a petrol to burn diesel.

If you use Petrol or Gasoline in a Diesel engine you will destroy that engine. That is why you do not use it.

Petrol engine is a spark ignition engine Diesel engine is a compression ignition engine Petrol engine uses petrol or CNG as fuel Diesel engine uses diesel as fuel Petrol engines requires continuous supply of electricity for spark plugs Diesel engine running cost is bit cheaper than petrol engine Petrol engine exhaust is not as black as of diesel engine Diesel engines meter the fuel to control engine output Petrol engines throttle the air to control engine output Diesel engines are about 40% themally efficient Petrol engines are about 25% themally efficient

No, a diesel is a compression firing engine and a petrol is a spark firing engine. Diesel fuel will not burn in a petrol engine with spark plugs.

The diesel battery is bigger as it take a lot more to get a diesel engine going. Best bet is to charge the diesel battery using the petrol, connect the 2 and leave the petrol engine running.

No. A petrol or gasoline engine will not run on diesel fuel.

Because one has a petrol engine and the other has a diesel engine. Petrol/gasoline does not ignite the same way as diesel. It also does not have the lubrication qualities that diesel has. Gas in a diesel engine will damage the fuel system if the diesel very quickly.

When petrol is mixed with diesel engine the engine will not start due to the following reasons;Fuel in diesel must be compressed at 400o and above to approach compression power while petrol start at 150oPetrol have lower density than that used in diesel enginePetrol use spark ignition lather pressure ignitionPetrol have different octane number than that used in diesel enginePetrol fuel cannot produce much power as that produced in diesel engine with real diesel fuel.Will not accomplish diesel engine phases

because a diesel engine ignites its fuel with pressure, and not with a spark like a petrol engine. that is why a petrol engine does not need as high a compression ratio as a diesel engine

What happens is you must remove the petrol immediately. Petrol or gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

If the engine has spark plug it is said to be petrol engine, and if it has a pump to inject fuel then it is diesel engine.

NO! It will not run on diesel.

NO! It will not run on diesel.

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

The easiest way is to look for spark plugs. No plugs and it is a diesel, plugs and it is a petrol engine.

You can convert a petrol engine into a diesel engine by changing the fuel injectors. The fuel filters will also need to be changed.

The primary difference between a petrol car and diesel car is the consumption rate - diesel and petrol are refined from mineral oil using differing methods. The result is diesel engines having a lower fuel consumption rate than their petrol counterparts when installed in a vehicle of similar mass. CO2 emissions are also lower in a diesel engine than they are in a petrol engine.

It has a Gardner diesel engine and was never fitted with a petrol

Petrol or gasoline in a diesel will cause internal engine damage. if petrol is used in diesel engine it may cause explosive sound with burning ....bcz high compression ratio ......

Yes, petrol/gasoline will severely damage a diesel engine.

That is impossible. You cannot convert a diesel to run on petrol or vice versa.

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