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coz they're awesome!

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Q: Why you should hire a fresh graduate from culinary arts?
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How many years do it take to graduate from culinary arts?

2 years

Is PG in culinary arts from culinary academy of India valid under osmania university?

The process of getting the Post -Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts course affiliated in underway.With the sucessful running of the Bachelor's In Culinary Arts in affiliation to Osmania University for 14 long years and emerging as a the pioneering institute in India to offer the Bachelor in Culinary Artsits gonna get its due recognition soon. However one should understand that such an effort to provide post graduate education in Culinary Arts is on for the first time in India with no precedent educational body offering such a course in the country its a bit time taking process.

Should a culinary arts course be provided at highschools?

I believe that culinary arts course should be provided in highschool. Culinary arts would be a great help to kids today not only with how to cook but it also expands their knowledge.

Historical development of culinary arts?

what are the history of culinary arts

Another word for cooking?

Culinary Arts Culinary Arts

Is culinary arts a collective noun?

No, the term 'culinary arts' is not a collective noun. The term 'culinary arts' is a compound noun, a word for a profession.

Is Culinary Academy of India the number one Culinary schoool in India?

Culinary academy of India is THE BEST CULINARY SCHOOL IN THE ASIAN CONTINENT. I'm doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts from Culinary Academy of India after completing my Hotel Management from National Council in Delhi. I'm very very impressed and fortunate to make it to the PG course in CAI as I can see that the faculty, infrastructure, international placements and also the method of practical hands on training is very very good.Mayank NStudent of Post Graduate Diploma In Culinary Arts

What kind of college should you go to be a baker?

You should go to a culinary arts school

What is the relationship between culinary arts and fine arts?

There is no relationship because culinary arts is cooking and fine arts is artwork such as paintings and statues.

What is the importance of a culinary arts building?

so that you know what your can't rush in culinary arts.

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