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because you drink water to get rid of salt in your blood and if you drink salt water it just adds more salt

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Q: Why you shouldn't drink salt water?
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Why shouldn't we drink salt water?

Why shouldn't we drink salt water

How salt water fish drink salt water?

fish dont drink salt water they just feel it

Do you have to drink Epsom salt with water or can you drink it with something else?

yes you can drink epsom salt with water.

What kind of water does a penguin drink?

Penguins drink salt water but they are able to clean the salt out of ocean water. They get fresh water to drink and the salt dribbles back into the ocean.

Why is it not good to drink salt water?

If you drink salt water it only makes you thirstier...salt water is also unhealthy for your body.

What are the difference between salt water and water?

If you drink too much salt water it can kill you. You should'nt even drink it. Salt water is saline water and it is not safe to drink. Water on the other hand is needed for you to survive. Salt water is contaminated.

What do garden snails drink?

Garden snails do not drink salt water, but they will drink water. Garden snails will drink any water that crosses their path. Snails can not drink salt water because it dries out and shrivels up their skin.

How do fish drink salt water?

fish dont drink salt water they just feel it

Do squirrels drink fresh or salt water?

I just watched one drink from my salt water pool. So, I'd say that they do drink salt water. I don't have a clue why.

How much salt water can a person drink?

you cant really drink salt water but i say you can drink about 1 milliliter

Do whales drink salt water?

Absolutely,whales drink salt water because their is only salty water in sea.

Is salt water ok to drink after evaporation?

Vapors must be condensed to obtaindrinking water. Salt water is not good to drink.

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