Why you use NAND and NOR gates instead of basic gates?

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Mainly because you can make any other gates only with these (instead of getting 5 different sets of gates, you just use a single one -NOR or NAND- and achieve the same goal)
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Why NAND gates and NOR gates in logic circuits are universal gates?

actually any digital circuit can be designed by using only any one type of gates either nand or nor that's why they are called as universal gate. even basic logic gates AND ,OR,NOT can also be designed using them.now choosing one of two (nor n nand) depends on if logic expression is of sop type or p ( Full Answer )

Circuit diagram of xor gate using minimum number of nand gates?

The XOR gate (sometimes EOR gate , or EXOR gate ) is a digital logic gate that implements an exclusive or; that is, a true output (1) results if one, and only one, of the inputs to the gate is true (1). If both inputs are false (0) or both are true (1), a false output (0) results. Its behavior i ( Full Answer )

Universal properties of NAND and NOR gate?

This question really needs a little more context, but an attempt would be: 1: Properties common to both NAND and NOR gates: - they are both electronic logic circuits (as implied by the term "Gate") - they both compute a primitive single valued Boolean function of two or more input terms - t ( Full Answer )

Draw XOR using NAND gate?

Given two inputs, A and B.. Use one NAND as an inverter (one source to both inputs) for A. Do the same for B.. Use one NAND gate with inputs \A (not A, the output from the first gate) and B. Use one NAND gate with inputs A and \B.. Use one last NAND gate with inputs coming from the two previo ( Full Answer )

Why is the NAND gate a universal gate?

A NAND gate can be used to construct other logic gates such as AND, OR, NOR and others. This is why it is called a universal gate.

Why NAND and NOR gates are called universal gates?

NAND AND NOR gates are called universal gates , becaus with a combination NAND and NOR gates alone, it's possible to create all other logic gates like AND, OR, XOR etc and you can design any logic circuit.. eg: inverter-- nand with inputs shorted. and ------ nand followed by a inverter(using nan ( Full Answer )

NAND and NOR gates are called universal gates primarily because they?

A universal gate is a gate which can implement any Boolean function without need to. use any other gate type.. The NAND and NOR gates are universal gates .. In practice, this is advantageous since NAND and NOR gates are economical and. easier to fabricate and are the basic gates used ( Full Answer )

How can you replace a NOT function by using NAND gate?

Short the inputs together. Logic: A High input, with the inputs shorted together, will be H+H at the input side of the NAND gate, therefore resulting in a low output. A Low input, with both inputs shorted together, is L+L for inputs, resulting in a High output. Also, a NOR gate can be used ( Full Answer )

Why NAND and NOR gate is prefarable?

You can build any other logic gate out of NAND gates (or NOR gates, or both). They are a simple building block for logic circuits and easily implemented in silicon.

Can a NOR gate make a AND gate?

AND gate is A.B If two not gates are added at both inputs of and gate then output becomes A'.B' which is equal to (A+B)' by DeMorgan's law. hence the nor gate is formed Update: Put more simply, invert A and B by attaching A to both inputs of one NOR and attaching B to both inputs of another N ( Full Answer )

Why NAND gate called universal gate?

its bcoz all other gates lik AND,OR,NOT,XOR...........etc.u can achieve the functionality of these gates with the help of NAND and NOR.u can replace all these gates in a circuit wit the help of NAND and NOR. so that's y they r called as universal gates

Why Nand and nor gate is called universal gate?

They r called universal gates as they can be used 2 design all other logic circuit elements like XOR,NOR,etc. also these gates can be realized through easy combination of diodes thus making them easy 2 use base elements in any chip designing project.

How do you make a nand gate using xor gate?

XORing X with 1 gives X', i.e., NOT(X). If we are able to construct a NAND (AND) using XOR, we can also obtain AND (NAND) from it, which makes XOR a universal gate since inverted inputs to a NAND (AND) will give OR (NOR). However XOR is not a universal gate! Therefore we cannot obtain NAND (AND) usi ( Full Answer )

What is use of nand gate in transmitter circuit?

A NAND gate can be used as an oscillator or as an amplifier in a very rudimentary transmitter. (If both inputs of a NAND gate are tied together, it inverts the incoming signal. Chain two NANDs together with the outputs fed back through a crystal and you have a quick, easy oscillator. Chain another N ( Full Answer )

How can you justify that NAND and NOR gates are universal gates?

Nand, Nor, And, and Or gates are the most commonly used logic circuits. We also have XAnd, Xor and Inverting gates. Most electronic components producers make variations of these gates but their functionality are the same. In other words universal. These gates make up the basic foundation in all co ( Full Answer )

Draw x-nor using nand gate?

Z = ¬( ¬(A * B) * ¬( ¬(A * A) * ¬(B * B) ) The above requires 5 NAND gates, but it has race conditions thatmay give problems in some applications. See if you can reduce therace conditions.

Why inverters are used in nand gate?

A: For one thing is to negate the function but also provide buffering since an active components must be added. AND gate can be just two diodes

How do you get not gate from nand gate?

A: There is no NOT gate NOT is a term used to signify that the function is negated like OR becomes NOT if the output is negated by an inversion of the final signal. The difference in gates OR and NOR are symbolic designated as a small circle on the output IMPROVED: To get an Not gate from a NAND ( Full Answer )

How do you make or gate from nor gate?

You can use a second gate on the same IC to invert the output (most OR-gate ICs I know of have 4 gates per chip). Do this by tying the output of the first gate to both inputs of the spare gate.

What does a NAND gate do?

A NAND gate produces as output the inversion of the AND operation on it's inputs. So, since an AND gate only has high output when all inputs are high, a NAND gate will only have low output when all it's inputs are high. The NAND gate is particularly significant because NAND is a complete set in term ( Full Answer )

Is nand gate a universal gate?

yes,nand gate is universal gate..because we can create NOT,OR,AND,EX-OR with the help of nand gate.

What is the difference between AND gate and NAND gate?

An AND gate gives a 1 or True output only and only if all the inputs are True or 1. If even a single output is False or 0, it will not give any output meaning thereby that the output will be False or 0. A NAND gate is quite the reverse of an AND gate and gives an output of 1 or True only if both th ( Full Answer )

Why is NAND gate called universal gate?

NAND/NOR gates are called universal gates because combinations of them can be used to create all the basic logical functions. http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Why_NAND_gates_and_NOR_gates_in_logic_circuits_are_universal_gates

Why is nand gate prefer over nor gate?

The nand gate is prefered over the nor gate because for a nand gate, all other states are true except the 1 1 state which is false while for a nor gate all other states are false except the 0 0 state which is true.

How do you draw EX-OR gate using NOR gate?

P = (!(!A+B)) + (!(A+!B)) Tie the NOR inputs together to make a NOT. Brackets indicate one output. Exclamation marks indicate inverted output. Dogpile De Morgan's NAND and NOR laws. Hope this helps :)

How can get xor gate from nand gate?

the conversions of the gates from one to the another may seem complex if tried at once... but some mathematical operations will give best instant solutions!! we have to write the needed function in terms of the function in form of which to be converted!! see... xor gate is AB'+BA' taking its comple ( Full Answer )

How can get and gate from nor gate?

an 2 input AND gate can be realize using 3 NOR gates. . Let ,A and B are the input and x be the output. x=A.B= NOR ( NOR (A) NOR (B))

How can you proof that NAND and NOR gates are universal?

You can make them universal by simply adding an inverter to the end of the gates if you needed to make it do the opposite of what it is designed to do. make positive into negative and vice versa.

How OR gate can be realized using NAND gates?

Next: Boolean Expressions Up: Universality of certain gates Previous: Universality of certain gates Contents Using NAND gates NOT . Figure 12.10: Realizing a NOT gate using a NAND gate . OR The following statements are called DeMorgan's Theorems and can be easily verified an ( Full Answer )

What is NAND gate?

A NAND gate is an inverted (Negated) AND. It has a truth table as follows: A B C 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 0 1 1 1 0

How can OR gate be realized using NAND gate in logic design?

1. NAND gate is used to invert the input A (by connecting A to both inputs). 2. NAND gate used to invert B the same way 3. Now put A' and B' into into a third NAND gate. The output will be (A'B')' which is equivalent to A+B.