Why you use an before hotel?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Normally you would use a before the word hotel but it isn't wrong to use an. You can use an before hotel because the first syllable is unstressed.

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Q: Why you use an before hotel?
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Which article to be used before HOTEL?

why we use an before hotel

Which article is use before the noun Hotel?

Two articles that can be used before the noun hotel are the and a. For example, lets go to the hotel and freshen up or did you stay at a hotel on your last vacation.

Where can you use the article an?

You use an before a noun beginning with a vowel or with an h. An hotel, an apple, an aunt, an opening, an imposition, an end.

Do you use 'a' hotel or 'an' hotel?

A. use a, because the hotel is [həu'tel] , "h" is a consonant.

Where can I find a good hotel finder?

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Should you use an before m?

No, you only use 'an' before vowels and an 'h', otherwise you should use 'a'. E.g. An apple An hotel (Yes I know it sounds weird but it's correct!) A mirage

When should you use in a hotel and at a hotel?

when you stay in the hotel, you can say in a hotel when you just waitting in the hotel, you can say at a hotel

Did mindless behavior ever stayed in a hotel in Cincinnati before?

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Hotel 626 is an Internet game that can only be played from 6pm to 6am. Players in the game are simulating being locked in a hotel room full of very creepy things. A player has to use their wits and common sense to try and get out of the hotel room before 6am.

What hotel do the Denver Broncos stay in before home games?

Inverness Hotel

What was the first Habbo hotel?

The first habbo hotel was in Finland. But there it was named Goldfish hotel before it switched to habbo

How do you use the word hotel in a sentence?

We had to go to the hotel after church