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Molality is used when temperature varies in an exothermic or endothermic reaction because it is not dependent on temperature or pressure.

Molality does not depend on tempratute whereas molarity does.

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What has the author Melvin H Green written?

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What has the author Ethel R Hanauer written?

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How do you solve molality?

you use the formula.... molality(m)=moles of solute divided by kilograms(kg) of solvent

How do you say you like biology because its fun and you do experiments?

you feel engaged in biology, entertained, attractive, or appealing to you

What use can you make out of these tubes - glass tubing?

The test tube is widely used in chemistry, biology, physics to make very different experiments.

What has the author Jonathan C Hake written?

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What did needham do wrong?

John Needham failed to use properly sterilized equipment in his biology experiments, resulting in errors in his conclusion. His work was challenged by scientists who came after him.

What do chemists and biologists have in common?

Biology and chemistry are sciences based on evidence and experiments in laboratories.

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What organism did Gregor Mendel use for his experiments?

He use peas for mostly for his experiments

What is the use of a glass plate in laboratories?

On a glass plate chemistry experiments can be performed on very small scale.In medicine and biology the glass plate can be used as support for samples.

What do scientist use tools to do?

Make stuff for experiments, do experiments and analyse the results of experiments.

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How does a beekeeper use biology?

Generally beekeepers wouldent have to use biology

Formula for molality?

molality (m) = (No. of moles of solute) / (weight of solvent in kilograms)

Which is more concentrated in 1molarity and 1 molality?

Molality give a greater concentration.

Who used experiments?

we are all scientists. we all use experiments

What is standardized variable in biology?

A standardized variable in biology is a variable which is maintained as a constant in all aspects. They are maintained as fixed permits without any variations during experiments.

What has the author Zachary F Burton written?

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What is the molality of water?

The molality of water is about 55.6 M. This measurement is only for pure water, as anything with minerals or other water-based solutions will affect the molality.

Why molarity is more accurate than molality?

because molality is independent of temperature and molarity is dependent on temperature further molality is dilute while molarity is concentrated.

Can carrying capacity every fluctuate?

i don't know oh it is biology because it is about science and other experiments

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