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Q: Why you use only sulphur powder in hays test?
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Why does use sulphur powder for hays's testwhy only get sulphur powder?

Sulfur powder is used in the Hays test because it is a reagent that reacts with certain compounds to produce a characteristic color change. The Hays test is used to detect the presence of reducing sugars, which are sugars that are able to reduce certain compounds and can be oxidized to form an aldehyde or a ketone. When sulfur powder is added to a solution containing a reducing sugar, the sulfur powder reacts with the sugar to form a compound called a sulphone. The sulphone has a distinctive yellow color, which indicates the presence of reducing sugar. Sulfur powder is chosen as the reagent for the Hays test because it is inexpensive and readily available. It is also relatively stable and easy to use, making it a convenient choice for this type of test. The Hays test is a simple and rapid method for detecting the presence of reducing sugars in a solution. It is commonly used in the food industry, particularly in the testing of fruit juices, syrups, and other sweetened products. To perform the Hays test, a small amount of sulfur powder is added to a sample of the solution being tested. The mixture is then heated, and the presence of a reducing sugar is indicated by the formation of a yellow sulphone compound. The Hays test is a qualitative test, meaning that it does not provide a precise measure of the amount of reducing sugar present in the sample. Instead, it simply indicates the presence or absence of reducing sugars. Other methods, such as the Benedict's test or the Fehling's test, can be used to quantify the amount of reducing sugar present in a sample. These tests are more complex and require additional reagents, but they provide a more accurate measurement of the sugar concentration.

Name test for bile pigments and bile salts?

test for bile salts - Hay's sulphur powder test n test for bile pigments - fauchet's test

What happen ton sulphar when slightly heated in test tube by a Bunsen burner?

When sulphur is heated in the test tube in the absence of air the sulphur will break down and form a red-brown liquid. If oxygen comes into play sulphur dioxide is produced, however you should not that sulphur dioxide is a highly toxic gas and should only be produced in small amounts under a fume hood.

What is the test for sulphur containing amino acids?

The cyanide-nitroprusside test can be used to detect sulphur. The test detects sulphhydryl group compounds and is used to test urine in screening tests for the metabolic diseases, cystinuria and homocystinuria.

What has the author Margaret B Hays written?

Margaret B. Hays has written: 'A serviceability test on blankets made from four blends of wool' -- subject(s): Testing, Blankets

How do you identify a white powder?

Flame test; solution test; or taste test.

How can you test baking powder to see if it still works?

You can test baking powder by putting some in vinegar. It is good if there is a lot of reaction.

How can you prove that milk contains protein?

Dry it to a powder and perform the the biuret test on this powder.

How can you eliminate the sulphur smell in well water?

The sulphur smell usually means you have high levels of iron in the water. It can be filtered out, but it's wise to get a lab test first

What test shows the color of a mineral when rubbed into fine powder?

The "streak" test.

How do you get a Powder Keg in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

You get a Powder Keg from the Goron elder after you defeat the Snowhead Temple, and he will give you a test Powder Keg to use on the Rock blocking the Goron Races. after you do that you are aloud to buy Powder Kegs in the Bomb Shop for 50 Rupees only as a Goron.

Does pump it powder show up on drug test?

well yes it does. because its a suspicious powder so the drug test will pick it up because its suspicious.

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Why does use sulphur powder for hays's testwhy only get sulphur powder?

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