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The software is the series of instructions you issue to the hardware which are converted into electric pulses (from binary codes - strings of 0s and1s) to control the operations of the hardware; so, you see without the software the hardware cannot function.

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Q: Why you use the software in Computer?
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How do you do a slideshow on your computer?

Download Software or use software already on your computer.

What is sofware?

Software is the programs that are used by a computer. The computer user is able to use a variety of software to operate the computer or other devices that use software.

What is the use of a computer hardware inventory software?

The use of a computer hardware inventory software is to have all the information of the computer that someone owns. Each software company has its own.

Describe your ability to use computer software?

What is computer?

Can you use computer software to design a boat?

Computer software can be used to design a boat.

What is PC software?

PC software is the software you use on your computer. It may be on a CD or you may download it from the Internet. Once you have the software, you will need to install it on your computer before you can use it.

What are examples of computer piracy?

Computer software piracy is the unauthorized use of computer software. Installing a single use copy on multiple computers, downloading cracked software from the internet, and purchasing bootleg copies of software are all examples of computer software piracy.

What is windows software?

This is a propriety brand of computer software, that has wide use.

Is windows software?

This is a propriety brand of computer software, that has wide use.

What is meant by what is software?

Software is what runs on your computer. Programs that you use such as WordPad, calculators or games are all software for your computer. It's basically whatever you open on your computer.

Can you see software?

Yes, software are the programs that you use on your computer. If you have a monitor or display connected to your computer, then you will be able to see the software graphically.

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u can optimize computer software to run computer faster, u can use registry cleaner reg in out

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