Wie bist du meine königin

Updated: 12/24/2022
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Wie bist Du meine Königin? translates as how are you my queen?

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Q: Wie bist du meine königin
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My Friends in German?

my friends is "meine Freunde". my friend (m)/(f) "mein Freund / meine Freundin

What does 'du bist meine Liebste' mean?

Du bist meine Liebste. - You are my beloved. Du bist meine liebste Oma. - You are my dearest grandma./You are my favourite grandma. Du bist mir die Liebste. - You are most dear to me./You are my favourite.

What does du bist meine liebe mean?

You are my love.

How do you say you are my everything in Swiss German?

'You are my everything' in German is 'du bist mein Ein und Alles'.

How do you say how old you are in German?

Wie alt bist du?

Wie gehts mein guter freund bist du in danemark?

"Wie gehts mein guter freund. Bist du in Danemark?" = How's it going my good friend. Are you in Denmark?'

How old you are in German?

How old are you? transaltes as Wie alt bist Du? (informal) or Wie alt sind Sie?(formal).

How do you know you are German?

wie weisst du dass du ein deutscher bist?

What does the word wo bist du mean in English?

Wie alt bist Du? means: how old are you?

How do you say your my best friend on German?

If your friend is male: Du bist mein bester Freund If your friend is female: Du bist meine beste Freundin

What is what age are you in German?

"Wie alt bist du, wie alt sind Sie?" is "How old are you?" in the German Language.

What does 'du bist meine Liebhaber' mean?

Du bist mein Liebhaber means you are my lover and applies to males only.However, it would seem superfluous to inform him of this fact.