Wieso versteht diese Site kein Deutsch?

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Wieso versteht diese Site kein Deutsch? translates as why does this site not understand German?

This site is an English language site with a German translation category. Some contributors do understand German.

Dies ist eine englischsprachige Site mit einer deutschen Übersetzungskategorie. Einige Mitarbeiter verstehen sehr wohl Deutsch.
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Who is Deutsche Werke?

More correctly,WHAT is deutsche werke. Deutsche=German and Werke= manufactory . Deutsche Werke is a German company that makes pistols.

What is deutsches Reich?

The term D eutsches Reich translates as German Empire and refers to the German state from 1871 to 1945. In 1871, following the Franco-Prussian War, the German states, under the leadership of the most powerful state, Prussia, proclaimed the (second) German Empire with the King of Prussia to also b ( Full Answer )

How do you say I can't speak German in German OR Ich spreche kein Deutsch.?

I can't speak German - Ich kann kein Deutsch OR Ich spreche kein Deutsch --edit by Sniper51 I have only been learning German for about half a year, and im probably wrong, but i thought that Ich sprechen kein Deutsch was i don't speak German. As i said i am probably wrong :)

Do they carry dieses?

It is the mistery of life of how a carrier does not show symtoms. Are you a carrier? That's the real question.

How is deutsche pronounced?

An English speaking person would pronounce it "DOY-chah" with more (but not excessive) emphasis on the first syllable and a very soft vowel in the second syllable.

Who is Kein Jonas dating?

Danielle Deleasa, a girl he knew from NJ. go to danielledeleasa.com to see pics of them!

How do you cure wild mice of dieses?

You can't. It's already flowing in their blood, and mostly all of them have it now, except for tame, captive-bred mice that people keep as pets. Don't try to cure a wild mouse of disease.

How do you say from in deutsch?

'From' in German is basically used as 'von'. i.e. - Ich bin von Celle would be- I am from Celle.

What is a deutsches reichshuhn?

Das deutsche Reichshuhn is a chicken. It is a fairly old chicken species. Furthermore it is endangered.

Why petrol csnnot be used in diese engine?

The diesel engine is designed to use diesel, which reaches combustion at high (relatively to petrol) pressure and temperature. If petrol is injected into a diesel engine, then combustion will take place in a, very different than it was designed, way, which will eventually destroy the engine.. But t ( Full Answer )

What does kein mean in english?

well in a sentence of "i am not a man, i am a woman" in German it would be "ich bin kein mann, ich bin ein frau" so kein would mean "not a" ein meaning a and adding the k negatates (my own word lol) the a making it a not a so basically when you are using it in a normal German communnity im sure they ( Full Answer )

How do you treat lung dieses?

If it is COPD emphysema pulmonary fibrosis... Its preventing the disease from getting worse and comfort actions. quit smoking. albuterol inhalers to help open the lungs inhaled steroids like advair to reduce inflamation. sometimes lung transplant is an option.. Asthma- knowing triggers and preventi ( Full Answer )

Funfzig deutsche mark from Deutsche Bundesbank?

Assuming it's a recent-date bill, it was worth about $25 at the time Germany switched to euros in 2002. If it's older than the 1980s please post a new question with the specific date. FWIW, "Deutsche Bundesbank" simply means "Federal Bank of Germany" so that's a given for any German bill dated ( Full Answer )

Does Justin Bieber have Peter Pan diese?

Justin Bieber does not have the Peter Pan syndrome is a disorder inwhich a man is unable to grow into maturity. Justin Bieber just hasgood genes which is why he looks youthful.

Who is Deutsche Emailwarenfabrik?

Deutsche EmailWARENFabrik is a company founded by Oskar Schindlerthat is credited with saving 1,100 Jewish lives during theholocaust by employing Jews who lived in the Krakow ghetto. Heestablished this company with his Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern.

What are animals dieses?

Rabies, hydrophobia, parvo, and cancer can affect dogs.Hoof and mouth disease can affect horses. Feline leukemia can affect cats. Mad cow disease can affect cattle. Rabies can affect bats. Fleas can carry the bacteria that infects black rats with the Black Plague.

Wieso kann man auf sehr kaltem eis schlecht Eislaufen?

Beim Eislafen muß sich ein Wasserfilm zwischen der Eisoberfläche und der Schlittschuhkufe bilden. Ist das Eis zu kalt, kann u.U. nicht genügend Wasser bilden um die Kufen reibungslos über´s Eis gleiten zu lassen.

What is Deutsche Märchenstraße?

It is the road that the Brothers Grimm lived on they were fairy tale writers. For example they wrote Little Red Riding Hood.

Beeindruckend eindrucksvollsten aber Sie sind noch kein Deutsch?

Grammatically incorrect, I'm going to take a stab in the stab in the dark and guess that what you're trying to say is: Beeindruckend, sehr beeindruckend. Aber Sie sind trotzdem kein(e) Deutsche(r) Impressive, most impressive. But you're still not German

What is deutsch famous for?

,,Deutsch'' is German - a language. It is widely spoken in Germany, Austria, and many parts of Europe.

Deutsche Bank 1923 deutsche mark 100000?

A curios of little value issued during the height of German hyperinflation. The German currency was of so little value that a wheel-barrow of money was needed to buy a loaf of bread and it was cheaper to burn the money for heating than buy coal or wood.

How do you pronounce Deutsch?

The German word Deutsch is pronounced "Doytch". Strictly speaking, English 'oy' is not exactly the same sound as German 'eu', but it's very close.

When was Saint Kein born?

There is no Saint Kein. However, if you mean Saint Kevin, Saint Kevin of Glendalough was born about the year 498. The exact date is not known.

Welchem ist richtig. Alle oder keine Ich bekam gute noten in Deutsch ich habe gute noten in deutsch bekommen Oder ich habe gute noten in Deutsch erhalten. Danke?

The nuances are more or less as follows: Ich bekam gute Noten = I got (i.e. earned) good grades, simple past tense is slightly formal but not incorrect Ich habe gute Noten bekommen = exactly the same as the preceding example, except in perfect tense, which is the more usual or everyday way of ( Full Answer )

What does dieses ist nicht mein leben mean?

Though grammatically incorrect, it translates to "this is not my life". While this line might be found in song writing, novels and such, it would not be used in everyday conversation. One would usually say "Das ist nicht mein Leben".

How do you pronounce den Sie angezogen haben versteht was im Spruch?

That not an actual German phrase and doesn't make a lot of sense. [piece of clothing, grammatically male], den sie angezogen haben - [a piece of clothing] that you (have) put on (er/sie, ihr) versteht - (he/she) understands, y'all understand was - what im - in, inside Spruch - a saying, a ( Full Answer )

What is the significance of 'kein gott kein staat' in German?

Kein Gott means no God. Kein Staat means no state. This is something shouted during demonstrations in Germany, particularly against Germany itself by citizens. The entire slogan is "Kein Gott, Kein Staat, Kein Proletariat." The words rhyme in German. This is stemming from something that Karl Marx ( Full Answer )

Is scoliosis the same as degenerative disc diese?

No. It is a curvature of the spine that can be very mild or severe. In severe cases, a metal rod can be implanted along the spine to keep it straight. In mild cases, a simple exercise routine can be used to strengthen the spine.

How do you keep you newborn puppies away from dieses?

Newborn pups are protected from disease by the antibodies they get from their mother's milk. This natural immunity begins to fade as the pups start to get bigger, at which point they'll be needing their puppy shots, so they will continue to be protected from disease as they grow. A puppy can start i ( Full Answer )

How do youstop gum dieses?

To prevent gum diseases, you must maintain your oral health. Gum diseases are caused by bacteria in your mouth. Gargle at least once a day, and brush your teeth after every meal. Flossing is also necessary to prevent food from being stuck on your teeth and harboring bacteria. Visit your dentist o ( Full Answer )

How do you spell deutsch?

The spelling "deutsch" is the word German in German. The noun form is Deutsche (German man, plural Deutschen).

When so you use eins and keins in German?

Here are two examples to give you an idea of when to use each one: 1) Q: How many beers do you want? A: One (Eins) 2) Q: How many beers do you want? A: None (Keins) Keins is basically the negative form of eins. So, you could say"Ich moechte ein Bier bitte," (I'd like a beer please) or "Ichmoechte ( Full Answer )

What is kein y'hi ratzon in Hebrew?

"May your will be thus" (כן יהי רצון). Sometimes it's used to mean"may God's will be thus."

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The cast of Durch diese Nacht - 2009 includes: Tim Bergmann as Tom Langer Michael Brandner as Arto Johanna Gastdorf as Schwester Hanna Katharina Gebauer as Patientin im Rollstuhl Dieter Gring as Karlas Kollege Bernadette Heerwagen as Tina Patricia Seipel Brigitte Simons as Nachtschwester Carola Yevg ( Full Answer )

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What has the author Gary A Keins written?

Gary A. Keins has written: 'A journey through the valley of perdition' -- subject(s): Biography, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945), Jews, Personal narratives

What has the author Ulrich Diesing written?

Ulrich Diesing has written: 'Psychische Folgen von Sexualdelikten bei Kindern' -- subject(s): Adult child sexual abuse victims, Child sexual abuse, Psychological aspects, Psychological aspects of Child sexual abuse, Psychology, Sexually abused children