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Can a Wii headset work on an Xbox?

No, Wii hardware only works with the Wii, just like Xbox hardware only works on the Xbox and PS3 hardware only works on the PS3.

What is better a wii ps3 xbox or GameCube?

wiidefinately wii

What is better Wii xbox 360 ps3?

Xbox 360 and PS3 are good, but... Wii wins. Reason: Virtual Console. That is all.

Is a PS3 the same as a Wii?

No, the ps3 is more like the xbox.

Is black ops for PS3?

It is for PS3, XBOX, WII and DS

What is better to replace a wii a Ps3 or an Xbox 360?


What is more popular wii or ps3 in 2012?

It is the ps3 which is the best with the xbox

Will sims 3 be better on PC wii xbox or ps3?


What makes more money ps3 or wii or xbox?

xbox fam

Xbox 360 wii or the PS3?

If you want to know which is better, I say PS3.

What system WWE 13?

ps3/xbox 360/wii/ps3/ps4.

Can a Wii play dvds?

no the wii, cannot, only the xbox 360 and ps3 can.

Between PS3 xbox 360 Wii which one is older?

Xbox 360.

What should you get a PS3 Wii or Xbox 360 detailed explanation on why?

Wii= Kid Games XBOX= Kid and Older Kid Games PS3= Older Kid Games

Whats better xbox 360 ps3 or wii?

the ps3 is better, but if you want a family game system then the wii is the best.

Will Lego Star Wars the complete saga be out for PC?

no it will come out on ps3 wii xbox ds and i think the ps2 no it will come out on ps3 wii xbox ds and i think the ps2

How much is Tony Hawk ride?

Walmart: Xbox 360: $79.96 PS3: $79.96 Wii: $49.00 Amazon: Wii: $74.99 Xbox 360: $39.99 PS3: $79.00

Is cod on PS3?

COD is available for ds wii xbox ps3 and finaly PC

Did xbox 360 copied PS3?

NO but ps3 did copy the wii with play station move

Which console is better Xbox 360 Wii or PS3?

wii because of the movements and the interaction

What platforms will green day rock band be on?

Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox, and PS3.

Whats Better Xbox 360 Wii Ps3 Or Laptop?

Wii, ps3 only has graphics, wii has best gameplay, AND some of the years best games

Is there a download for zombies on Wii?

No only the PS3 and Xbox 360

Will spore come out for wii ps3 and xbox 360?


Is okami for xbox?

No it is only for PS2 + Wii also ps3