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Q: Will ABC Family make Samurai Girl a regular series?
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When was Samurai Girl - book series - created?

Samurai Girl - book series - was created on 2003-06-01.

Will ABC Family rebroadcast Samurai Girl miniseries?

Probably not. It was their intention for a miniseries and that was all.

Is samurai x the ninjago mini figure a girl?

Yes samurai x is Nya and she is a girl

Are there girl samurai's?


What are the ratings and certificates for Samurai Girl - 2008?

Samurai Girl - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

How many red rangers are in samurai sentai shinkenger?

There are 2 red rangers because the Shiba family has a son and a daughter.The boy is Takeru Shiba and the girl is Kaoru. But the girl is the most strongest.

How do you play taki samurai girl?

This particular game is played online, through a web app. Simply load the website for Taki Samurai Girl and press play.

Was there ever a girl red ranger?

Yes, there have been 2 girl Red Rangers, the first being Charlie, the A-Squad Red Ranger in "Power Rangers S.P.D." however the A-Squad Rangers were a secondary team during the series. The second was Lauren, the Red Samurai Ranger and true Red Ranger for Power Rangers Samurai.

Can a red power ranger be a girl?

Yes, the Red Power Ranger can be a girl as was proven in Power Rangers Super Samurai with a female named Lauren Shiba being the true Red Samurai Power Ranger and the actual leader of the Samurai team.

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No, she was a regular English girl from a well off family.

Whatcame first Gossip Girl or the it girl?

For the books its a series of gossip girl then a series of the it girl

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